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EDITORIAL WES PITTS Editorial Director TERRY SULLIVAN Editor KRISTAN ASHWORTH Managing Editor DANIEL BROCKETT, MARK EDWARD HARRIS, WILLIAM SAWALICH Contributing Editors ART & PRODUCTION CAROLYN V. MARSDEN Art Director ALLYSON PREBLE Graphic Designer SALES & MARKETING (617) 706-9110, FAX (617) 536-0102 SCOTT LUKSH Media Solutions Director ALEXANDRA PICCIRILLI Senior Media Solutions Manager CLIENT SERVICES clientservices@madavor.com RYAN GILLIS Audience Development Analyst TIM DOOLAN Social Media Manager SHAWN DANIEL, TOMMY GOODALE Marketing Associates ANTHONY BUZZEO Content Marketing Supervisor SARAH MACDOUGALL Content Marketing Associate OPERATIONS JASON POMERANTZ VP, Circulation Strategy ANDREA PALLI Operations Supervisor TONI EUNICE Operations Coordinator ALICIA ROACH Human Resources Manager CHEYENNE CORLISS Client Services Supervisor TOU ZONG HER Senior Client Services Associate AUBRIE BRITTO, DARREN CORMIER Client Services AMANDA JOYCE Accounting Director TINA MCDERMOTT Accounts Payable Associate WAYNE TUGGLE Accounts Receivable Associate DIGITAL OPERATIONS LEZA OLMER Digital Ad Operations Director DAVID GLASSMAN Word Press Developer MIKE DECKER Senior Digital Designer EXECUTIVE JEFFREY C. WOLK Chairman & Chief Executive Officer COURTNEY WHITAKER VP, Business Operations…

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editor’s note

There are many factors that go into creating a useful buyer’s guide for professional photographers and content creators, like the issue you hold in your hands, which is our 2019 version. One important factor is being sure to include experts who have valuable insight to share on all the latest imaging and video technology, as well as the camera market. In this issue, our writers did a superb job in providing such information for you, and I hope you’ll agree. Price is always a factor. However, in this issue, we put that figure in context: Some gear may be pricey, but its feature set may make it an excellent value. You’ll see us return to this point throughout the issue. There are two additional, related factors: First, we consider if the product is…

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Reasons For Writing That Artist Statement Photographers like to focus on visuals. But words are very important, too. Learn why Amy Touchette writes that “crafting an artist statement or writing about our work in some form, for one reason or the other, is inevitably asked of us.” Speaking With Documentary Photographer Glenna Gordon Read Amy Touchette’s interview—in three parts—with this remarkable photographer about her journey across Nigeria. Video Review Of Luxli Cello RGBAW LED Panel Contributing editor Dan Brockett filmed this impressive video review of the Luxli Cello RGBAW LED Panel, which includes two types of diodes, resulting in accurate white-color output. See the review at http://hdvideopro.com/gear/lighting/review-luxli-cello-rgbaw-led-panel/ DigitalPhotoPro digitalphotopro digitalphotopro NEWSLETTER: Subscribe today for updates on the latest features, how-to articles and photography news. SIGN UP: http://digitalphotopro.com/newsletter/…

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a few good photography trends

As I write this sentence, the year 2020 is less than three months away, which almost makes me want to throw on a gold-colored “Star Trek” uniform, tap the voice memo mobile app on my iPhone (pretending it’s my “Star Trek” communicator) and thoughtfully state, in my best William Shatner impersonation, today’s stardate as I begin recording my captain’s log. The year 2020 just seems so decidedly sci-fi to me. And while we’re not yet flying around at warp speed in starships or beaming down to far-off planets from transporter rooms, there have been some startling trends in the world of tech and photography that seem rather futuristic. But it’s important to note that they’re still works-in-progress and haven’t really been perfected. In other words, before any tech company decides to…

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pro digital camera bodies

2019 has been a wild year for camera manufacturers as the newest crop of cameras being released continues to expand the technological boundaries of what’s possible. In some cases, iterative updates continue to push the capabilities of camera sensors and other features. Yet, in some instances, manufacturers seem to be suffering from an identity crisis, unsure of who they’re aiming to serve with their latest offerings. All in all, though, it’s an amazing time to be shooting photographs, since the latest cameras hitting the shelves are making capturing images and video easier, more enjoyable and far more capable than ever before. As an owner of a new Sony a7R IV, I can attest to the amazing capabilities that today’s pro camera bodies offer shooters. While some lament the growing number of megapixels…

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pro lenses

Whenever discussing a new lens, the tendency is to look at its focal length, or range, if it’s a zoom lens, and what its widest aperture is. You’ll often hear photographers discuss lenses in the following manner: “What lens is that you’ve got on your camera?” “Oh, it’s a 16-35mm.” “Ahh, right. Is that the ƒ/4 or ƒ/2.8 version?” “That’d be the ƒ/2.8 version.” In my experience, that has always been the line of questioning when it comes to lenses. But the truth is that there’s so much more you can concern yourself with when it comes to the barrel of glass, metal and plastic that you mount onto the front of your camera. For me, the quality of the glass itself is probably the single most important factor in a lens. That glass determines exactly…