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Discover Britain June/July 2020

Celebrating the best of our nation, every issue of Discover Britain is packed with features from history to travel. Read about the events that changed history, as well as British traditions and their origins, or be inspired for your next trip with great ideas for where to go and what to see. Whether you’re planning a weekend city break or an escape to the countryside, Discover Britain is your essential guide to getting the most out of your stay.

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I hope your loved ones are safe and well. These are strange times indeed and this edition of Discover Britain has been brought to you from our kitchen tables and home offices. We hope that even if you are unable to travel freely at the moment, we can offer you plenty of escapism through our pages for you to enjoy from the comfort of your armchair. We decided to begin by looking at the British home in this issue too, showing you how great minds such as Oscar Wilde and William Morris shaped interior design (p10) and giving you a guided tour around the very best of England’s quaint historic cottages (p38). And don’t forget that if you’re feeling stuck at home, you can subscribe to Discover Britain online and have the magazine…

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Airfield of dreams Maybe a year ago I read an article, I believe in Discover Britain, about a still-functioning airfield used by the RAF somewhere in East Anglia. I believe they fly old aircraft from there. We are planning a trip to that area for next year. I’d appreciate the name and location of that RAF facility. We’ve been subscribers to Discover Britain for years and have made many memories visiting in the UK thanks to your advice. As we age, flying gets harder so the last few round trips have been on the Queen Mary II. We were reserved to come over again this year before the virus hit, so we’re now holding off until next year. As an old marine combat pilot from Vietnam, I’d really like to visit an airfield…

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wish you were here...

WESTMINSTER, LONDON Early portrait of our wartime PM shows Churchill as never before While many can claim to show you Winston Churchill as he’s never been seen before, this photograph is perhaps a true first. This Getty archives image shows the young Winston in 1911 when he was still First Lord of the Admiralty. Yet thanks to the retouching skills of artist Marina Amaral, the photo is being seen in full colour for the first time. The stunning picture is one of many newly-colourised photographs featured in The World Aflame – The Long War, 1914-1945, a new book by Amaral with words from historian and occasional Discover Britain contributor Dan Jones. Published by Head of Zeus, The World Aflame is the follow-up to the pair’s bestselling book, The Colour of Time. Churchill was about…

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design for life

In 1882, Oscar Wilde toured America giving one of three lectures at each stop: The English Renaissance, The Decorative Arts, and The House Beautiful. No transcript of the latter lecture, first given in Chicago on 11 March, exists but, by all accounts, it was the soon-to-be-notorious author’s most effective piece; witty, learned and above all practical. Wilde concerned himself with instructing his American audiences on matters of taste – redbrick tile floors were preferred, furniture should be in the Queen Anne style, ornamentation must be hand carved, and “keynotes of colour” were required if one was to create symphonies in the home. The writer was astutely tapping into a newfound interest in such matters, as the 1880s was perhaps the first decade in which the middle classes were encouraged to take…

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what was the arts & crafts movement?

The Arts & Crafts movement began in England in the late 19th century. It championed the values of simplicity, utility, craftsmanship and beauty, while drawing inspiration variously from the natural world, the medieval period, and the writings of John Ruskin. The movement was both a reaction to High Victorian design and a romantic yearning for a pre-industrial way of life. The name retrospectively came from the Arts & Crafts Society which was formed in London in 1887. Features of a typical Arts & Crafts home include handmade wooden furniture and floors, stained glass windows, block-printed decorative wallpapers, and nature-inspired colour schemes.…

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the journey to the mayflower

The Mayflower’s iconic journey began almost 400 years ago, after it set sail from the English port of Plymouth on 6 September 1620 in search of the New World (although it was technically 16 September, as England didn’t adopt the Gregorian calendar for another 130 years). That treacherous 66-day transatlantic voyage and the English colony that followed in Plymouth, Massachusetts has become an important landmark in the early history of North America. Yet the events leading up to the launch were hugely significant and involve a number of historic figures and places that are ripe for exploring. The religious roots of the Mayflower can be traced to an area known by some as “Pilgrim Country” which covers the adjoining English counties of Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. It was here where the Separatists…