Do It Yourself Winter 2021

Packed with step-by-step projects, Do It Yourself is the go-to guide to personalizing your home. Find inspiration and instructions for simple room renovations, home decor projects, budget-savvy style, flea market makeovers, outdoor living ideas, and more. From power tool reviews to pillow projects, we cover the DIY spectrum and empower the reader to tackle new techniques and ideas.

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from the editor

At this point, I’m guessing you know your home—its charms and vexations—very well. You probably didn’t plan to have such an intimate connection to your collection of walls, floors, and ceilings. And yet, here you are, acutely aware of the gorgeous view from your kitchen sink at midday, as well as how the doors on your bathroom vanity swell shut when someone forgets to run the fan during a shower. (Not that I’m speaking from experience!) Through the highs, the lows, and the blahs, your home has been there for you. So show your rooms and yourself a little love with a quick refresh or two. Try the color-blocking trend with confidence (“Color Block,” page 84), or stitch a little personality onto basic bed linens (“Sew Easy Bedding,” page 20). If…

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freckled fuchsia

THE MAKER: CHANDLYR JACKSON This self-taught creator turned her side hustle into a booming business that allows her creativity to flourish. O: How did Freckled Fuchsia start? A: I studied industrial design and ended up getting a job at a small design consultancy as a user experience designer. On the side, I started working on Freckled Fuchsia, mainly because a lot of the work I was doing was strictly on the computer. It was a lot more strategy and a lot less loose than what I wanted to be doing. So I pursued Freckled Fuchsia on the side and decided to take a leap for it about a year and a half ago. O: What first sparked your creative side? A: I’ve always loved creating! For as long as I can remember, I’ve been drawing…

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grid patterns

BOLD MOVES The graphic nature of grid patterns adds a preppy, playful sense to the most utilitarian household items—think lampshades, alarm clocks, and bedding, this photo. In contrasting hues, such as black and white or basic blue and marigold yellow, grids pack a design punch. LINEAR LOGIC Turn elements on your nightstand from simple to striking in no time. To update a lampshade, above, begin by pushing a threaded needle outward from the back of the shade near the seam, about 1 inch from the bottom. Wrap the thread horizontally around the shade and insert the needle back through the original hole. Tie off the thread on the inside of the shade. Move up 1 inch and repeat the process until you have horizontal lines from top to bottom. Begin the…

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energy boost

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MAKE IT BEDDING WITH RIBBON TRIM MATERIALS • Pillowcases• Iron• Grosgrain ribbon• Pins• Coordinating thread• Sewing machine• Flat sheet• Pillow shams (we used 26×26-inch Euros)• Decorative ribbon or decorative fabric tape (See page 22.)• Iron-on adhesive/hem tape with paper backing (We used HeatnBond brand.) Step 1 Press pillowcases. With the open end of the case on the right and starting at a seam, align the right edge of the grosgrain ribbon with the stitch line of the hem on open end of the case (A). Pin in place, working your way around the case. At the end, turn back ½ inch of ribbon to overlap the start of the ribbon and pin (B). Step 2 Slip the open end of the case around your machine’s work surface (C). Topstitch the right-hand edge of ribbon around…