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Empire Australasia July 2020

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this month at empire

WHILE WE’RE HAPPY to see who was named the No. 1 Hero in our cover feature for this issue – as voted by our readers – it’s inevitable that some big-screen favourites (of yours and mine) didn’t make the top 50 list. It’s almost as if we’re begging for an argument with you guys. Of course, Empire being an international publication meant that there’s a distinct lack of Aussie representation. No Mick “Crocodile” Dundee? No Babe? It makes you want to eat a bacon sandwich in disgust! In all seriousness, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the 50 heroes chosen and who you think should have made the cut. And do you agree with the iconic hero who scored the top spot? Elsewhere in this issue, we have an in-depth…

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FEELING DISCOMFORT While I appreciate you reminding readers about the feel-good moments in the movies featured in “The Comfort Zone”, I’m not sure I agree with the inclusion of Slumdog Millionaire. Surely, I can’t be the only viewer who found some scenes to be very unpleasant to watch? The “happy” ending couldn’t undo the nastiness that preceded it. EMILY, VIA EMAIL While the movie is regarded as a classic, we agree there are some extremely brutal moments leading up to that uplifting final dance sequence. RIDLEY RULES! Thanks so much for last month’s exclusive interview with my favourite director, Ridley Scott. Reading his insights into the making of The Duellists was enlightening and makes me want to seek out the new Blu-ray immediately. MARCO, VIA EMAIL We’re glad you enjoyed the article, Marco. Ridley is a favourite…

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letter of the month

CHARIOTS OF FIRED UP I check out May’s “The Ranking” about the Best Picture Oscar winners and almost suffered a bout of apoplexy when I read the dismissive and casually cruel comments about Ben Hur. No-one had a good word to say about this masterpiece, except for faint praise concerning the chariot race. What were these people thinking? Ben Hur has it all: a great and uplifting tale, Heston in his signature role, fantastic cinematography and let’s not forget the magnificent score by the great Miklós Rózsa. Why do you think the phrase “Bigger than Ben Hur” is still used to this day? ERIC, BENDIGO, VIC…

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spine quote

SPINE QUOTE #230 “If moping around over some boy you’re crushing on is ‘growing up’, then pass me my Wonder Woman Underoos.” THE CONNECTION From Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back referring to Wonder Woman 1984 being on the cover. THE WINNER Congrats to Ella Bowman, who won an Empire cap for her correct answer. Send answers to empire@bauer-media. com.au…

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no./1 how daniel radcliffe broke out of prison

SINCE HANDING IN his Hogwarts hall pass for good, Daniel Radcliffe has played everything from a white supremacist to a flatulent corpse. You can’t knock the guy for wanting to make his post-Potter projects as ambitious as he can afford them to be, and Escape From Pretoria — filmed in Adelaide, South Australia — proves no exception. Based on the life of Tim Jenkin, a South African anti-apartheid activist who escaped from prison in 1979, the thriller put Radcliffe through the ringer, physically and emotionally. Speaking with Empire, he breaks down his meticulous method. CHECK YOUR POTTER PRIVILEGE “This was one of those scripts that you read and you’re like, ‘How is this not more widely known?’ With my specific career, Potter has afforded me to do my own thing, and I…

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no./2 secrets of a hollywood tough guy

1. HE FIRST TOOK HEROIN WHEN HE WAS 12 YEARS OLD “I had an uncle that I idolised. My Uncle Gilbert. He was 18 and I was 12, and I caught him using and threatened to tell if he didn’t give me some. He was my role model. My parents worked hard — I’m not blaming them, it wasn’t their fault — but Uncle Gilbert always had a lot of cash and a nice car, and was always dressed to the teeth. That impressed me, so that was what I wanted to do.” 2. HE MADE A DEAL WITH GOD AFTER BEING PUT IN SOLITARY, EXPECTING TO END UP ON DEATH ROW “I was in the hole [Trejo was variously jailed for robbery and drug offences] — I thought I was done with.…