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Fast Bikes November 2019

Every issue of Fast Bikes is fuelled with high-octane definitive sportsbike tests, hardcore riding and invaluable 'regulars' too. In depth insider news, behind the scenes race features, practical and usable advice in the Riding, Bike and Legal Masterclass sections, and exclusive columns from current MotoGP, World and British Superbike racers. It’s an unmissable package

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2 min.
crash test dummy

It’s not every day a young nurse rips your clothes off while your wife’s at your side, but this was no ordinary day – this was a big crash day. We’ve all been there, it’s an unfortunate part of motorcycling, but I’m not here to labour on how dangerous our crotch rockets are, or how the world would be a better place if we all took up knitting and made one another cotton wool cardigans – not a chance. I’m here to say thank you to the brilliant medical services we have in the UK and to highlight just how far rider protection has come. Crashing is nothing new to me, but airbags are still something of a novelty that have fast become an essential part of my riding kit.…

3 min.

TRIUMPH TAKE THE COVERS OFF THEIR 2020 STREET TRIPLE RS The Street Triple range from Triumph has always been impressive, and for next year it looks like the bods at Hinckley have gone even better with their range-topping middleweight naked. So what’s new? Well, even though the new Street Triple RS is updated to meet Euro5 spec, the engine now has more power and torque than before, with 121hp and 79Nm at the peak, alongside a 9% increase in mid-range torque, thanks to a new exhaust cam, alongside higher precision machining on the crank shaft, clutch and balancer. They also tell us that the throttle is more responsive, the silencer has been altered for a sexier sound (not to mention to bypass emissions), and a refined gearbox and slip and assist clutch…

4 min.
tried out

BOSSDOG BIKE WRAP TESTED BY: Carlos MILES: 3500 TIME: 2 Years RRP: (from) £550 WEB: www.bossdog.co.uk Having spanked hard-earned cash on a race bike, the last thing I wanted was it for it to look a bit crappy, or worse, boring; which was exactly why as soon as it was complete, I shipped it off down to Bossdog Graphics in Redhill for the ultimate aesthetic overhaul. I’ve always been a fan of this shade of blue. I had some logos that needed to be on, but the rest I left up to them. They did not disappoint, creating an absolutely stunning piece of artwork that turns heads everywhere I take it. It was done in a matter of weeks, and to this day it still looks as if its brand spanking new – which isn’t bad…

5 min.
geared up

SHARK RACE R-R PRO GP 30TH ANNIVERSARY Got your eyes on one of those new, snazzy FIM Approved Race-R Pro GP lids? Well, they’ve just got a whole load sexier, as in order to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the French brand, Shark have released 1989 units in three different colourways – each limited to just 663 units for each: Red Carbon Black, Black Carbon Pearl and White Carbon Black. This is plastered on the 100% Carbon Aramid structure, which offers increased resistance to both abrasion and compression, while also offering better anti-delamination performance. The multi-density Expanded Polystyrene has also been improved, while the interior comes equipped with a two-tone, high-tech Alveotech lining, which prevents the breeding of bacteria. The Shark Race-R Pro GP also contains shape memory ear pads to…

11 min.
ru ready?

Yep, we’re now on to the third iteration of crossplane R1s and for the second time in the model’s short history, since hitting the market in 2015, we’ve seen the Japanese superbike evolved rather than revolutionised. What’s wrong with that? Arguably, an all-new offering is that little bit more sexy, but with the costs and risks involved of entering the market with an unproven product, Yamaha’s approach is far from crazy. But sensible or not, the only thing that matters is whether these latest crotch rockets have got the minerals to fend off the wave of new talent that’s been entering the scene from the likes of BMW, Aprilia and Ducati. The European contingency have not wasted a moment in the pursuit of big horsepower and big tech, so how…

2 min.
the low(es) down

When he wasn’t out on track making us journos look like we’d never ridden a bike before, World Superbike veteran and Factory Yamaha rider Alex Lowes was all too keen to tell us what he made of of the the new new R1s... I get asked quite a lot how the R1 street bike compares to my R1-derived race bike. I always say that as different as the two end products are, the core DNA is the same in both. To be honest, they are pretty different, but I can tell they're cut from the same cloth. Chassis-wise on the bike, I always find a Yamaha DNA characteristic is that they're easy to turn and good In long comers. I can feel that same quality in the street bike as I did…