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Fast Bikes December 2019

Every issue of Fast Bikes is fuelled with high-octane definitive sportsbike tests, hardcore riding and invaluable 'regulars' too. In depth insider news, behind the scenes race features, practical and usable advice in the Riding, Bike and Legal Masterclass sections, and exclusive columns from current MotoGP, World and British Superbike racers. It’s an unmissable package

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it's show time!

Forget Christmas, this is my favourite time of the year; when manufacturers show their hands and tease the living daylights out of us with the goodness that’s coming our way. I’m writing this a few days before the EICMA show so all that you read in our rammed Upfront pages is embargoed material… and it’s been a nightmare keeping it secret (we’ve had to lock Frodo in a small room). Of course, when this mag hits your hands we’ll be free to natter loudly, so get in touch and tell us which new bike floats your boat most and why? Better still, come and find us on our stand at the NEC show and Boothy might even buy you a brew – don’t tell him I sent you. Yes, 2020…

13 min.

KAWASAKI TAKE HYPERNAKEDS TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL WITH THEIR Z H2 Kawasaki’s H2 not bonkers enough for you sir? Well step right up, as now it comes in a naked variation… At a time when a lot a manufacturers seem to be looking back in a retro haze, it’s nice to see Kawasaki looking forward. Especially in the hotly contested hypernaked segment where they’ve been lagging behind for a couple of years, with what they call ‘The Ultimate Z’ – the supercharged Z H2. So what’s new? Well actually, it looks like they’ve done a fair amount of work on the supercharged Zed, rather than just losing some bodywork from the existing model. They’ve tweaked the engine slightly for a better low and mid-range, while still maintaining a whopping 200 horses, given…

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cristian gasparri – head of vehicle project management…

FB: We were all really excited when we heard about this new model earlier this year, but when did the Ducati Streetfighter project actually begin? CG: In our minds it was always going to replace the Streetfighter 1098 and ever since we started talking about the V4 engine, we knew a V4 Streetfighter was on the cards. The project started properly two years ago though. It was a difficult process because we had to balance the different attitudes of all our customers, from the extreme, sporty side, to the guys that want something more comfortable on the road. But I think the hard work paid off because we have got the bike that I know many people are going to love. FB: The Streetfighter obviously shares the engine with the Panigale V4,…

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yuzuru ishikawa, fireblade project leader

“This year a brand new Fireblade is born. And our intentions are crystal clear. The CBR1000RR-R’s battleground has moved to the race track, where its advanced performance can be most fully demonstrated. The engine has the same bore and stroke as the RC213V, and we have chosen to maintain an inline four-cylinder engine configuration and regular combustion interval for the freedom in packaging, high power and ease of control this layout affords. We firmly believe riders everywhere can experience a whole new level of performance with our new CBR1000RR-R – a machine in its element on the track.”…

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tried out

CARDO PACKTALK SLIM TESTED BY: Carlos MILES: 2500+ TIME: 6 Months RRP: £310 WEB: www.pama.com/cardo If you’d have told me a couple of years back that I’d be using comms pretty much every time I ride, I probably would’ve laughed in your face. I mean, am I an old dude on a big, fat tourer already? The answer is far from it, yet especially on long journeys, I can’t imagine riding without one now. The problem I always found was they just looked a bit crap, so when this diddy little unit from Cardo caught my eye, I just had to get one on the go. Me, Bruce and Boothy are all kitted up with them, and from the outset they were an absolute doddle to install in my lid – there’s a little helmet checker…

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geared up

GERBING MICROWIREPRO HEATED JACKET LINER It’s getting ever closer to that torrid riding season we call winter, and as the temperature drops, your riding kit has to get warmer… and nothing is warmer than heated garments. This new heated jacket from Gerbing, which is their warmest yet, features patented MicroWirePro heating elements, and the jacket now comes in a sleeker, tailored fit in comparison to the previous model. It’s constructed from a soft and wind-resistant nylon shell to keep you both cosy and toasty, while remaining easily compressible if you need to pop it in a bag on a long journey. The liner comes with connections to the heated gloves and trousers Gerbing offer, and comes with a lifetime warranty on the heating elements. RRP£199.99 www.gerbing.co.uk OXFORD ORIGINAL APPROVED DENIM JEANS After continuous testing…