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Fast Bikes April 2020

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Every issue of Fast Bikes is fuelled with high-octane definitive sportsbike tests, hardcore riding and invaluable 'regulars' too. In depth insider news, behind the scenes race features, practical and usable advice in the Riding, Bike and Legal Masterclass sections, and exclusive columns from current MotoGP, World and British Superbike racers. It’s an unmissable package

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2 min.
fast forward

I guess there’s only one way to kick this column off and that’s by talking about the Blade. Whether you’re a fan or not, it’s so much more than ‘just a new motorcycle’. It’s a statement, a lifeline; another big manufacturer saying that despite the dwindling sales figures and the wittering of keyboard warriors on forums, the sportsbike market is still alive and kicking, and thanks to bikes like this, it’s set to carry on for a good while yet. I’m an optimist, and I’m hopeful that despite manufacturers such as Triumph, Suzuki, Honda and Kawasaki (who are now back) culling their supersport segments a few years back, there’s still chance of a credible revival… because quite simply there has to be. I’m a fan of all kinds of bikes…

5 min.

APRILIA ANNOUNCE THEIR ALL STARS EVENT FOR 2020 If you’re a fan of Aprilias (and just about everything Italian), then you’re going to want to keep your schedule free on May 9, as the Italian fest is back, and bigger than ever. Taking to Mugello, the Aprilia All Stars 2020 event will host two debuts for the Italian marque: the RS 660 will make its first appearance, alongside the new Aprilia Sport Production Championship, which will give a load of Italian nippers their first taste of the racing machinery. If that wasn’t enough, there will be a whole host of other activities going, from Esports, to live music and everything in between. The event is free to enter for all motorcyclists, and will have a load of exhibits, shops and food stalls to…

4 min.
tried out

DAINESE MISANO 2 D-AIR SUIT TESTED BY: Carlos MILES: 5,000+ TIME: 1 year PRICE: £1979.95 WEB: www.dainese.com When doing silly things at silly speeds, it’s absolutely vital to be wearing the best kit – and after using, and indeed abusing, Dainese’s Misano 2 suit, I can safely say that it really has (and still does) look after me well. I’m a bog standard off-the-peg size, but from the very instant it felt incredibly comfortable and snug; I could barely even feel the airbag as it’s incredibly light, and the suit is an absolute doddle to get on and off as well. It has some great little features, like grippy pads on the inside of the knees to help hold on to the tank, and a drinks bottle included that you can stick in your hump as…

5 min.
geared up

HJC RPHA 70 SAMPRA HJC seem to be constantly expanding their operations with new helmets every month, and it looks like 2020 isn’t going to be much different. This time, it’s their all new for 2020 RPHA 70 Sampra lid, a full-face job which comes in slightly cheaper than their range-topping model. Don’t fret though, as it still comes equipped with a lightweight and shock-resistant shell, thanks to its Carbon and Carbon-Glass Hybrid fabrics, while a dual-purpose top vent takes care of cooling. The RPHA 70 Sampra also comes with a Multicool interior that helps to dry out sweat and get rid of bacteria, alongside an integrated drop down visor. RRP£359.99 www.oxfordproducts.com TW STEEL YAMAHA RACING WRIST WATCH If you’ve got a Yamaha and fancy matching up with a fairly fancy wrist watch, then…

22 min.
cutting it

No one warned me I’d need a PhD in mechanical engineering to attend the launch of Honda’s 2020 Fireblade SP, but as I nestled down to the hour-long overview, halfway up a Qatari skyscraper, my intellectual shortcomings soon hit home. Here it was, the Blade we’ve all being waiting for! Heard that before? Probably, but this time it’s true. It had to be true. Off the back of more facelifts and tweaks than you’ll find on a seasoned Page 3 model, the time had finally arisen for Honda to deliver to the masses with an unequivocally brilliant motorcycle. A Blade that wouldn’t just topple its rivals, but set new standards, embrace new technologies and reincarnate that wow factor the model’s been missing almost as long as Lord Lucan. It’s human…

11 min.
2020 ktm 1290 super duke r duking it out

Naked bikes are taking over the world, aren’t they? There are more options than you can shake a stick at, and they seem to be selling like the proverbial hotcakes – and for good reason; they’re a right laugh to ride. Last year we took eight of the best on one of our biggest road tests ever, and it was probably one of the best, most wheelie-filled weeks of my life. Sure, most of these ‘super nakeds’ are in fact just stripped-down versions of their manufacturer’s flagship litre sportsbikes – from the R1 we are blessed with the MT-10; from the RSV4, graced with the Tuono; and so on and so forth. But not the KTM 1290 Super Duke R. The Super Duke R isn’t just a superbike with its…