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Fast Bikes May 2020

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Every issue of Fast Bikes is fuelled with high-octane definitive sportsbike tests, hardcore riding and invaluable 'regulars' too. In depth insider news, behind the scenes race features, practical and usable advice in the Riding, Bike and Legal Masterclass sections, and exclusive columns from current MotoGP, World and British Superbike racers. It’s an unmissable package

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in other news...

And to think Corona used to be my favourite beer! Not just because I got to drink as much of it as I wanted when I raced in the European Cup (and they were the sponsors), but because it actually tasted alright. What a crazy month it’s been. I’m hoping that by the time you’re reading this we’ll have forgotten about loo roll shortages and shopping aisle fights over hand sanitisers, and we’ll be back to the status quo where only extremely kinky folk like Boothy walk around wearing masks. As it is, it looks like we’re in for a pretty interesting time, with quite a few launches either cancelled or looking more dubious than the current state of the stock market. Still, we’re troopers and before things turn apocalyptic,…

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EVENTS AND RACING FROM AROUND THE WORLD ARE ON HOLD Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve all seen the news about the spread of COVID-19 – or as it’s mostly commonly known, Coronavirus. Yeah, that. Now, a lot of people were laughing and joking about it, but now things have got pretty serious in many sectors, and in turn, a whole host of races and events have been cancelled. So what about the two-wheeled world, and how has it affected us lot? It’s worth noting that things are changing incredibly rapidly, but at the time we go to print, the British Superbike Championship, The North West 200 and the Isle of Man TT still have the green light – although it’s not looking so good on the world…

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tried out

ALPINESTARS FASTER-3 RIDEKNIT SHOES TESTED BY: Carlos MILES: 4,000+ TIME: 15 months PRICE: £119.99 WEB: www.alpinestars.com As much as I love getting fully kitted up for a flat-out ride in the sun, it really can be a pain in the ass sometimes – which is why over the past year or so I’ve been all over the casual riding get-up. It makes life that little bit easier, whether on long or short journeys, and to be honest, these riding shoes from Alpinestars have very quickly become my favourites. Not only do they look pretty smart with a nice design, but they’re incredibly comfy, whether walking around all day, or actually riding in. They’re super easy to put on, thanks to the strong laces and one Velcro fastening piece at the top, and even though they’re soft…

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geared up

TUCANO URBANO PETER RIDING BOOTS Established in the late 90s in Milan, Tucano Urbano have always been pretty damn fashionable when it comes to two-wheeled clothing. Their new Peter boot is absolutely no different, constructed from 100% raw-grain cow leather, and fastened with some posh-looking tubular laces. As far as safety goes, they’re CE certified to category 2, which means the shoe comes equipped with toe, ankle and heal protection. They’re fully waterproof, have an inner breathable membrane and also come equipped with a non-slip sole. They come in brown, with both dark red and brown laces so you can mix it up. RRP£129.99 www.tucanourbano.com/en HJC RPHA 11 CAL CRUTCHLOW SPECIAL REPLICA Who doesn’t love a special edition lid? Because we certainly do, and if you’re on the hunt for a pretty mental looking…

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kawasaki z h2 fully charged

Big power, a big supercharger and big attention; the introduction of Kawasaki’s Z H2 caused quite a stir at the back end of last year, but was this to be a parts bin special or the supernaked we’d all been lusting for? One thing’s for sure, with a claimed 197bhp on tap and an arm-wrenching 137Nm of torque to back it up, even the most cynical of critics would struggle to lambast its potency. To put things in perspective, there has never been another production naked bike this powerful (…although Ducati will soon have something to say about that), top-trumping the onslaught of stripped off head-bangers that have swarmed to the supernaked market in recent years (think BMW S1000R, Aprilia Tuono, Yamaha MT-10). Based largely around the H2 SX’s proven…

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word from the top

Why did you choose the H2 SX engine over the H2’s? We could have gone down either route, but the main reason we chose the H2 SX motor was because it offered a more balanced performance; powerful at the top, but also torquey lower down the rev range. Another appeal was the supercharger was balanced on the H2 SX, which allowed for the type of characteristics we were wanting for the Z H2. For us, usability was just as important as potency, along with a strong economy and good throttle connection. This bike had to be comfortable in town as well as on the open road. Did you consider supercharging a bigger engine? We could have used a larger engine (like the ZZR1400’s) for the Z H2’s powerhouse, but with size comes weight…