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Fast Bikes Summer 2020

Every issue of Fast Bikes is fuelled with high-octane definitive sportsbike tests, hardcore riding and invaluable 'regulars' too. In depth insider news, behind the scenes race features, practical and usable advice in the Riding, Bike and Legal Masterclass sections, and exclusive columns from current MotoGP, World and British Superbike racers. It’s an unmissable package

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United Kingdom
Mortons Media Group, Ltd
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2 min.
back at it

Sun, squashed bugs and squiggly roads; what more do you want? We're back in business, and it feels awesome! Of course, we're living through changing times, and I appreciate that lockdown might show its pesky head once more by the time this mag reaches you … but let's hope not. I'm an optimist and while I know we've all got a roll to play in banishing this utter bar-steward of a virus, I'm keen to see life return to the normality of pre-corona as quickly as possible. At this point of writing, the first UK trackdays have just been given the green light. We're not going to be on them, but we're excited for all those who are. It's also been great to see and hear so many bikers out…

2 min.

GB RACING GOES GREE GB Racing are celebrating World Environment Day by launching their new ZERO-e sustainability project in an effort to increase sustainability and environmental responsibility in motorsport. The idea is that by using solar power and battery technology, the team can stay off-grid at each of the circuits they visit during the World Superbike Season. From powering laptops to keeping the beers cold, the team will be fully reliant on renewable energy sources, which might only be a drop in the ocean when you consider the carbon footprint of motorsport in general, but it's a step in the right direction and one that hopefully we see reciprocated throughout the sport. GET BACK TO WORK WITH HONDA You can't really practice social distancing on the London Underground, can you? In fact, you'd…

3 min.
tried out

RST RACE DEPT V4.1 RACE SUIT TESTED BY: Baathy MILES: 3,000 TIME: 1 year PRICE: £699.99 WEB: www.rst-mata.com RST stuff has come on in leaps and bounds over the last handful of years and despite their gear being reasonably affordable, a lot of it is pretty bloody good - and this suit is definitely no exception. This might be a race focused suit but I've done loads of road miles in it and it has always been mega comfortable; the stretch panels on the backs of the knee and elbow are nice and soft, there are neoprene cushions on the collar and cuffs, and the drum dyed kangaroo leather is super supple. A UK44 off-the-peg fitted me perfectly and as soon as I put it on I could tell it was well made. I'm yet to…

5 min.
geared up

RST TRACTECH EVO Ill SPORT BOOT If you are after a new pair of affordable boots for the road and track, these puppies might be the perfect option. Certified to level 2/2/1, these boots are up there with the safest, with a moulded TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) heel cockpit and TPU shin armour. Each boot size has the gearshift pad in a specific place based on the size of the boot, so as to always protect the boot from the shift lever and make gear changes as comfortable as possible. And whilst we are talking about comfort, the perforated leather helps keep your feet cool on a warm, summers-day ride. Practicality is taken care of with a non-slip, multi-density sole and a zip/hook & loop closure system, making the boots dead easy…

10 min.
top trump: triumph's daytona moto2 765

Highlights 128bhp BONm of torque Awesomes oundtrack Smarttech Great handling Headt urner BRAKING 10 As good as it gets STABILITY 9 On rails! AGILITY 9 Loves to lean DRIVE 8 Proper pokey FUN 9 At your fingertips Do you remember that day when Triumph called a halt on its iconic Daytona 675? It hurt like a kick in the balls, but there were several reasons for the world-class, TT-winning, heart-warming supersport stud to be put out to pasture. Since the 675's inauguration back in 2006, ever increasing legislative demands, development costs and a natural decline in pure sportsbike purchases had taken the cherry off of this once fruity sector to the extent that Triumph, like many other manufacturers, cooked the books and worked out it simply wasn't viable to keep the 675 in production. But with one door closing, another soon opened. For 10 years, the popular…

1 min.
on the dyno …

Of course, the question we all wanted answering was just how much power does the Daytona 765 actually make … and how does that compare to the Street Tri pie's output? Our mate Paul at Black & White Bikes was on hand to give us the answer, with a bit of an insight to the models' differences too. First up, the Street Triple pumped out 118.08bhp @ 12,008rpm, with a torque figure of 55.92ft/Ib@ 9,429rpm. Not bad, eh, but how would that stack up againsthe Daytona? Impressively, as it turned out. Triumph never purported that the Daytona was some 140bhp fiend, but when the dyno showed its rear wheel deliverance to be just 122.14bhp@ 12, 186rpm, we were a little disappointed, and the torque figure didn't exactly lift the mood…