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how to lead in 2018

When I was in my early twenties, a close relative of mine was murdered on the street by someone he didn’t know. It was a random act of violence that threw me into a spiral of sadness, fear, and negativity. I saw danger around every corner. The future was dark; the past was a fairy tale that had morphed into a cruel joke. But the days passed, and I muddled through. At some point, when I got up in the morning and looked in the mirror, I saw hope again in the eyes that looked back at me. And I started the next phase of my life. I am a believer in the power of optimism, the drive and creativity that possibility can engender. I believe in it not the way a…

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the recommender

RXBAR $26 for a box of 12 “Healthy, portable snacks are a must in our household. Most ‘bars’ are closer to candy in terms of nutritional value, but the RXBar offers straight-up natural ingredients, great taste, and no BS, in big print. Chocolate sea salt is my favorite.” Paul Mastrangelo Former global talent leader, IBM LUNA ROCKER $2,950 “The big push in design is to make spaces that are more focused toward people. Goebel & Co. has a really inventive take on seating, and uses American wood.” Mackenzie McCulloch Senior interior design professional, HOK CLAUDI A PEARSON TOWELS $18 “Brooklyn-based illustrator Claudia Pearson makes unique, highly detailed, city-themed tea towels out of 100% cotton flour-sack fabric.” Zontee Hou Founder and president, Media Volery YOU ARE A BADASS AT MAKING MONEY $17.50 “I’m really into Jen Sincero’s work and have read this book multiple times. It’s incredibly empowering…

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derek jeter

Founder, The Players’ Tribune; co-owner and CEO, Miami Marlins KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL Upon retiring from the Yankees in 2014, Derek Jeter launched the Players’ Tribune, a media company offering elite athletes a platform for engaging directly with fans. Some of the world’s most high-profile athletes (from Kobe Bryant to Venus Williams) have chosen the site to announce career news and explore such issues as racism, violence, family struggles, and poverty. Now, as co-owner and CEO of the Miami Marlins, Jeter has discovered that what he learned on the diamond also applies to his work in the corner office. Expect Uncertainty In business, as in sports, Jeter says that you have to do your homework. He points to the way athletes talk about playing during pivotal moments in a game: “They say, ‘The…

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how great leaders gain important lessons

Be forgiving “In my first job, I showed up to a meeting 30 minutes late. My boss said, ‘I know you’ll never sleep through a meeting again.’ The most empowering thing a leader can do is acknowledge a mistake and move ahead.” Eric Kinariwala Founder and CEO, Capsule Don’t be a perfectionist “[During the wildfires in California, when we lost our home,] my husband was in charge of coordinating everything. He taught me that we can’t think about being perfect, we just have to keep moving forward. The idea of imperfect progress saved people’s lives. It’s a good lesson for entrepreneurs.” Elizabeth Gore Entrepreneur-in-residence, Dell Technologies Take baby steps “Leading bike tours after college taught me the importance of chunking a long trip into segments that feel achievable.” David Rose VP of vision technology, Warby Parker Say it straight “Someone quoted a Princess…

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carla harris

Vice chairman, managing director, and senior client adviser, Morgan Stanley BREAK THE MOLD Carla Harris built her reputation on Wall Street by shepherding billions of dollars through initial public offerings. She now oversees Morgan Stanley’s Multicultural Innovation Lab. To gain an edge, she says, companies must start by having “a lot of different people in the room.” Here is her playbook for attracting—and keeping— diverse talent. Look Harder Hiring managers often hide behind the claim that qualified, diverse candidates seem scarce. “The easy answer is, ‘It’s hard to find them.’ When I hear people say that, I know right away they’re not really committed to making it happen, because the talented women and people of color—they’re out there.” Cultivate Success “When you bring somebody into your organization and have gone through all that trouble to find…

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jessica alba

Founder, The Honest Company GROW FROM SETBACKS The Honest Company has grown to offer more than 100 all-natural, nontoxic household products in stores across the country, but the six-year-old business has also weathered lawsuits, a CEO change, and a recent funding round that reportedly cut its valuation to below unicorn status. Founder Jessica Alba has become even more determined to stay focused on her original goals. To face business hurdles, she has drawn on lessons from her experience in Hollywood. Establish Your Own Goals When first pitching her company, Alba found that her fame was a double-edged sword. “When I talked to my lawyers, managers, agents about the idea, they said, ‘Why don’t you just license your brand and do a perfume or something?’ I was like, ‘No, I want to build a consumer…