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money is not a game

We’re almost surely in a bubble. Or rather, we’re in the midst of an ever-rotating cast of mini-bubbles. None may be big enough on its own to create a financial panic. But together, they reveal the deep and increasingly dangerous flaws in our traditional institutions. It would be relatively easy for regulators to devote more resources to policing cryptocurrency. Harder, but far more important, will be rebuilding trust by making economic growth—and the financial establishment that serves as its gatekeeper—accessible to all.…

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the king’s gambit

of time.” Although playing in front of an audience doesn’t bother him—he has, after all, been competing since he was 6—Caruana says that developing a winning mindset is key, especially after facing setbacks. “When you’re defending a bad position [on the board], it’s not fun. I get depressed. But you have to realize that your opponent could also make a mistake,” he says. He has developed several strategies to change his outlook when he’s in a tough spot. For instance, “If I feel like I’m fighting for something, it’s easier. I can decide to consider a draw a victory. I can also decide to make it as hard as possible for my opponent to finish off the game. I have to realize that I still have a chance.”…

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One is a sensitive awareness to the diversity of psyches for visitors. For some people, going to the 9/11 Memorial Museum and, frankly, to Greenwood Rising, this is a dip into a moment of horror. If I’m a 17-year-old going to the 9/11 Memorial Museum, I cannot believe this occurred. Or if I’m a visitor who’s not from Tulsa, maybe who’s not from America, I go to Greenwood Rising and it is a shock that this happened. But at the same time, there are people living inside that narrative, who have either experienced or been exposed to that level of trauma and carried that within their own fragile human psyche. That’s a really different circumstance. So in both cases, we developed flagging and literal different pathways through the museum that…