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Volume 73, Issue 6

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rock island armory’s vr80

“Rock Island Armory is mostly known for making 1911s…” The above is the board-certified, official gunwriter way of beginning this article. Bland. Corporate. Lawyer-friendly. Here’s the non-sanitized truthful version:“I had no idea Rock Island Armory sold anything other than 1911s until they sent me a sample of their cool new VR80 semi-auto shotgun.” Once the VR80 dropped into my lap and I started surfing around the Rock Island Armory website (the parent company is Armscor, and the website is Arm scor.com) I saw they imported a number of shotguns. While RIA has previously sold an AR-style shotgun, the VR60, the VR80 is a completely new design for them, and a very interesting one at that.The VR80 is made by Derya Arms in Turkey, and imported into this country by…

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she’s a screamer

Fad /fad/ noun :An intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived and without basis in the object’s qualities; a craze. I’m not sure if the modern increased desire for caliber conversions/multi-caliber capable firearms qualifies for the level of “fad”, but they sure seem to be pretty darn popular with American gun owners. Whether you’re talking about rifles, shotguns, or pistols, the number of products on the market which offer replacement barrels or kits in a second (or even third) caliber seems to be larger now than it ever has been. Perhaps because so many of today’s modern firearms are modular?One such multi-caliber offering that is both modern and very retro are the 9mm/.22 TCM combo pack 1911s from Rock Island Armory (Armscor.com).Rock Island Armory/Armscor…

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the fbi miami firefight, part 2 — five minutes that changed american law enforcement

In a previous article, we used the publication of the new book by highly decorated FBI Special Agent Ed Mireles to explore the details of the 1986 FBI Miami firefight, of which he is considered the hero. His book, FBI Miami Firefight, Five Minutes That Changed the Bureau, is available at EdMireles.com.This firefight involved eight FBI agents versus two serial bank robbers, Michael Lee Platt and William Russell Matix — actually, for most of the fight it was seven FBI agents against one criminal (Platt) armed with a revolver and a Ruger Mini-14 .223…and Platt almost won. After a near five-minute gun battle, an estimated 140–150 rounds had been fired, two FBI agents were dead, five were wounded (three critically), and the criminals were dead on scene…but the end…

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pin shoot

The early 1970s were a different time. Despite the riots of the 1960s, Detroit was still a going concern. There were a lot of people who lived and worked there, and it would be a decade more before it became the setting for a post-apocalypse movie. There were still over 1.5 million people who lived there, and it was the fifth-largest city in the US. It was Motor City, with a billboard on the freeway leading in that showed how many automobiles had been produced by that day of the year. It was Motown, the record company of Berry Gordy, with a recording studio in a house on West Grand Boulevard, known as Hitsville, USA. The Miracles, the Marvelettes, the Supremes, the Four Tops, the Jackson Five, the Spinners…

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thumbnail 5-pin rules

A Stock Gun cannot weigh more than 56 ounces. Pistols no more than 5" barrel, revolvers no more than 8 3/8" barrels. No more than 8 rounds in the gun at any time. No extra weights, weighted grips, arm braces, etc. no brakes or comps, porting allowed.A Pin Gun is allowed to be up to 64 ounces, have brakes or comps, and no barrel length limit. No more than 8 rounds in the gun at any time. No arm braces.A Space Gun is a Pin Gun with a red-dot optic on it.Concealed Carry Gun has a 3.5" barrel limit, 6 round maximum capacity, no brakes or comps, porting allowed. Shotguns, like everything else, start “Guns on the Rail.” From there, it is a loud noise and a few…

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master blasters and oss

Starting in 2019, the MB/OSS split will be enforced in the Main Events. The two groups are Master Blasters and Ordinary Standard Shooters. Everyone who shows up for their first pin shoot is an OSS, automatically. Even pro shooters. Them’s the rules.You make Master Blaster by winning an event, or placing so well in enough of the Optionals, that you are clearly a heavy hitter.Why does this matter? Simple; prizes. (It always comes down to loot or glory, doesn’t it?)OK, it’s time to go to the prize table, and the category is Pin Gun. The fastest shooter goes first. Let’s say (because it is likely to be the case) that that worthy is an MB. He or she goes first. Then the fastest-shooting OSS chooses next . Followed by…