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This issue, we wanted to do something special to mark Mother’s Day. As we’re all aware, parenthood never actually ends. Those kids will always be a source of pride, joy and worry regardless of their age. So the challenge for all mums on Mother’s Day is to look after their own mum and mother-in-law while not missing out themselves. With this in mind, we’ve created a selection of menus to fit in with your day. Why not start with some delicious, guilt-free goodness for brunch? If that doesn’t suit, then our delightful high tea menu can be made in advance and enjoyed at leisure. Otherwise, perhaps you’ll indulge in the evening with our luxurious, family-friendly dinner menu? And if none of that works with your schedule, Kids in the Kitchen this…

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star letter winner

YOUNG & HUNGRY I’m 14 and like to try out new and different recipes, but your magazine has made me take an even deeper dive into cooking. Last year, I took a day off school to go to the Food Show in Auckland with my mum for the first time. Mum said I could choose a magazine to sign up to, and out of all the magazines I could have chosen, I went with Food – and I definitely don’t regret it. The recipes are so inspiring, plus I received a free package of glorious goodies with my first magazine! Since signing up, I’ve cooked dozens of your recipes for myself and to share with my family and friends. My younger brother has given some of the recipes a go too,…

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JUICY NEWS Congratulations on Food’s 100th issue [March/April] – another belter! I really enjoyed your In Season stories on fruits. The most enjoyable time of the year for me is when those colourful, juicy, sweet pieces of summer’s harvest arrive in abundance. I’m a big fan of succulent tropical fruit, such as mangoes – your pick! We’re so fortunate to have such a variety of fruit at hand and with your beautiful recipes, I’ve been able to put together some gorgeous desserts and cakes. I also like to use mangoes in smoothies, which adds a beautiful honey-like taste. Autumn’s on its way, but fear not – there’s still heaps of summer fruit available and I’m still enjoying every mouthful. I hope you’re doing the same. Jill Autridge VIVE LA EVOLUTION Compliments for bridging the…

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spot the difference

If it looks like meat, tastes like meat and bleeds like meat – that doesn’t necessarily make it meat. Alternatives are booming in popularity around the world and the release of the vegetarian ‘impossible burger’ patty shows how close food technologists are getting to the real thing. The US company behind the patty, Impossible Foods, uses plant proteins and a compound known as heme, which replicates the flavour of meat. There are myriad reasons people choose not to eat meat, but those with ethical qualms about the farming of animals often find themselves in a quandary because they still like the taste. Impossible Foods hasn’t made it to our shores yet, but Beyond Meat’s Beast Burgers are now available online at www.thecrueltyfreeshop.co.nz.…

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all for love

We all have the best of intentions, but sometimes in the hullabaloo of life we forget those little dates that matter, and Mother’s Day can be one that passes by unobserved. If May 13 is fast approaching and you have no time to make our delicious high tea (page 42) or indulgent dinner (page 52), we have a few quick ideas: 1 Most mums relish the opportunity to have a lie in followed by a lazy start to the day. An indulgent breakfast in bed doesn’t have to be fancy – the key is that she doesn’t have to make it herself. Ensure the house is peaceful so she has no reason to get up, unless she really wants to. 2 Don’t ask her what she wants to do or eat to…

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fear the reaper

On May 26, New Zealand crowns its 2018 chilli-eating champion after a series of (aptly named) heats around the country. The final takes place during the New Zealand Hot Sauce Festival at Auckland’s Sweat Shop Brew Kitchen. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the hottest chilli in the world is the Carolina Reaper at a scorching 1,569,300 Scoville heat units (SHU), and they’ll be chomping on them at the final. Bird’s eye chillies, which often feature in Thai cooking, come in at a relatively tame 100,000 SHU, by comparison. The bid to keep creating hotter chillies continues, though, with the latest hybrid, Pepper X, slated to make it to the top of the hot list soon.…