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Gentlemen Drive No. 29

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An exclusive approach to fashion, art, design, engineering and lifestyle. The latest Gran Turismos, the coolest Concept Cars and the timeless Classical Icons. Ladies & Gentlemen, get on board and start your engines!! Discover the art of driving. Bilingual: English & Spanish

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editorial - gentlemendrive 29

We are living through troubled, confusing times in this part of the world. The ego of a small sector wants to lay down the rules for the rest of society. Sad! Do we not all live on the same planet? We need to be aware that we are all sharing a slice of time, a time that is limited. We all have our good points and our bad points. Some favour classic cars, others prefer the new. Some like SUVs or 4x4s, others prefer family saloons or station wagons. Some are fans of red, others of British racing green. Some love German cars, others go for the American brands. Some have a thing for powerful sports cars, others go wild for electric cars. Some even keep a close eye on the…

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LAMBORGHINI URUS The Urus is a visionary fusion of Lamborghini DNA into the most versatile vehicle, the SUV. It is a true Lambo in terms of design, performance (4.0 liter V8 twin-turbo 650 hp), driving dynamics and emotion. El Urus es el resultado de una visionaria fusión del ADN Lamborghini con la versátil arquitectura de un SUV. Un auténtico Lambo en terminos de diseño, prestaciones (V8 biturbo de 4 litros y 650 CV), y emociones dinámicas. ASTON MARTIN VANTAGE Pure, sculptural forms create an athletic, predatory stance, while the minimal front and rear overhangs, muscular flanks and broad haunches express the agility and dynamism inherent within the car. 510PS twin-turbo V8. Las formas puras y esculturales crean una postura atlética y depredadora, mientras que sus flancos musculosos y anchas caderas expresan la agilidad y el…

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ford fiesta xr2 mkii

The Ford Fiesta Mk2 appeared towards the end of summer 1983, with a revised front end and interior; the most notable change involved the new wraparound headlights.[1] The engine compartment was also wider, so as to accommodate a five-speed transmission and new engines. The front track accordingly increased by 33 mm (the rear track remained as on the Mk1), while the brakes and steering were also altered. At launch, the Mk2 Fiesta was only available with the familiar 957cc and 1117cc Kent Crossflow-based “Valencia” engine options, although they now featured variable venturi carburettors for improved fuel consumption. The more bulbous bonnet line of the Mk2 was created largely due to the need to package the taller Ford CVH engine, a 1.3 L version of which followed in 1984, and this…

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mercedes-amg gt-c roadster

I am sure that if our academicians had test-driven the Mercedes AMG GT/C Roadster they would now be discussing a change in the definition of “amazing” and would unanimously agree to use a picture of this car to illustrate the first definition. Because it is; the AMG GT/C has it all. All and a lot more. In spades! A truly amazing set of wheels. The first impression you get when you sit in is that this is a solid car. It’s hard to put in words, but it’s palpable. You immediately realize that you are in something special. Secondly, though no less importantly, is the view from inside, overlooking the lengthy nose. The layout is dramatic, awesome. With an extra-long bonnet and the cabin set way back, it immediately reminded me of…

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55 years of glory

250 GTO 55th Anniversary Tour, 25-29 September 2017. The 250 GTO 55th Anniversary Tour was organised by Ferrari, and took place between 25th and 29th September 2017, primarily in Tuscany, with the event base at the splendid 5 star Villa Cora hotel in central Florence, in its own parkland overlooking the Boboli Gardens. It is just a couple of kilometres south of the famous Ponte Vecchio, and if walking to the bridge over the River Arno from the hotel one passed the Forte di Belvedere, where the L’Idea Ferrari exhibition was held in 1990. Based from the host hotel the participants had visits to vineyards, drives on part of the original Mugello road circuit, laps of the current circuit, and a free day for shopping and sightseeing in the beautiful city…

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audi rs7 performance

Audi has breathed more grunt into the first generation A7 to deliver its most powerful version, the wild RS7 Performance. A savagely aggressive beast, clad in Armani-like wolf’s clothing. A sharp-lined, elegant sedan, an adulterated four-door coupé, bursting with an impressive twin turbo V8 engine. This monster shreds the asphalt when the power surges from heart to quattro® wheels. An elegant but fierce beast. A true scoundrel, though polite and refined. An astute knave, a villain of the road. In true Audi style, the RS7 boasts tight ergonomics, with the quality of the materials shining through in an interior boasting impressive amounts of carbon fibre, leather and alcantara, all set off by pretty blue contrast stitching. The exclusive exhaustive system by Akrapovic is a thunderous growl over the rock and roll…