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December/January 2022

It’s your complete guide to a sweet, smart, sparkling 2022! In our Dec/Jan issue, the always inspiring Jayden Bartels dishes on everything from fearlessness to fashion. Plus: All the inspo you need to *sleigh* your style (sorry, had to), the sneaky secret to clear skin, real girls share how they are making a difference in their communities, 80+ fabulous gift ideas for everyone you heart (including your crush) and a v. solid argument against New Year’s resolutions (trust). Order now and we'll keep you shining throughout the season…and into an amazing new year.

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xoxo karen

It has been…a year. It’s hard to remember, but just 365 days ago, our country was in a much, much different place. Even with the vaccine on the horizon, plans and parties were out, the holidays were on hold and the future seemed, at best, uncertain. And now? While we can’t exactly say things are back to normal, thanks to masks and vaccines (safe and now approved for everyone 5 and over!), life is…looking up? Of course, we can’t forget the tragic loss of so many lives (740,000 and still counting in the U.S., many of which could have been prevented). Or disregard the extreme toll COVID has taken on the livelihoods and mental health of millions (honestly, at this point, there probably isn’t a single person who hasn’t been affected by…

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get jayden’s beauty vibe

A sparkly fit for every holiday occasion? Yes, pls! Just be sure to follow Jayden’s lead and balance it out with neutral (but still glam) makeup. Recreate her look by mixing liquid highlighter with foundation to give skin a glow. Then buff soft brown and pink shadows onto lids with a blending brush. Amp up brows with tinted gel and apply a fluffy set of falsies and lots of black mascara to make eyes pop. Top lips with a rosy gloss, and you’re fabulous at every fête. WIN THIS ENTIRE COLLECTION! SHOP THE LOOK AT LAGIRLUSA.COM FOR PHOTO AND GLAM CREDITS, SEE PAGE 1. SEQUIN SET, L’ATISTE. TURTLENECK, L’AGENCE. EARRINGS, CLAIRE’S.…

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winter fun and freebies

GRAND PRIZE One crafty gal and her bestie will each score a Xyron Creative Station (worth $220!). Apply non-toxic adhesive, magnet or lamination to any project. Perfect for stickers, cards, labels and much more, this machine is all you need to start a stellar scrapbook. NATIONAL CHRISTMAS LIGHTS DAY Find your town’s *best* display. WIN An ~iconic~ VW Playmobil camper to channel your inner Pogue. $70 Nope, it’s not too early to make a vision board for your 2022 dreams. WIN Bye, finals stress! Squeeze and relax with Soothe aromatherapy dough. $20 WIN Level up your doodle game with this Ooly standing sketchbook. $10 LAST DAY OF HANUKKAH Thank someone for bringing light into your life. WIN Add this Tohfa Box beauty kit to your self-care routine ASAP. $65 Catch up with the girls over hot cocoa + a toppings board while the…

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meet the main characters of 2022

Scarlett Estevez, 14 What you know her from: Bunk’d What you’ll love her for in 2022: Disney Channel’s new superhero series Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion, about a Mexican-American girl who learns she’s destined to carry on her family’s powerful legacy after a magical luchador mask chooses her as her uncle’s super-powered successor. Main character vibes: In her everyday life, middle schooler Violet struggles with self-esteem. But, as our hero Ultra Violet, she’s full of confidence—and loves the attention that comes with being a hero. “Ultra Violet just wants to be famous,” says Scarlett. “She loves having people help her solve crimes and see her life.” And if Scarlett could have any superpower? “Definitely shape-shifting,” she says. Which is an appropriate choice considering she’s basically a chameleon already—and is poised to prove it. Gabrielle Nevaeh…

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match your binge watch

YOUR MOOD HOLIDAY MOVIES HOME SWEET HOME ALONE (DISNEY+) Yep, this is the latest Home Alone movie and, obvi, we all know what to expect from these by now: A kid ends up home solo, and while all responsible adults have ghosted the house, robbers break in, only to encounter an elaborate series of booby traps that the kid has set to defend the house. These movies might be predictable, but they’re also the sugar cookies and hot cocoa of holiday content: Just sit down and enjoy them. NOV. 12 THE PRINCESS SWITCH 3: ROMANCING THE STAR (NETFLIX) This year, the Netflix gods are gifting us with the third installment in The Princess Switch trilogy, with bad girl Fiona (played by Vanessa Hudgens, who also plays Queen Margaret and Princess Stacy) teaming up with a…

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gl’s tbw* list

WITHIN THESE WICKED WALLS BY LAUREN BLACKWOOD WEDNESDAY BOOKS, $19 Andromeda is an exorcist who cleanses evil spirits out of homes. When a handsome castle owner brings her into his haunted home, flirtation ensues—and so does terror. Set in the Ethiopian desert, this action-packed novel draws inspiration from Jane Eyre as our fearless heroine must conquer the supernatural…and survive. PASSPORT BY SOPHIA GLOCK LITTLE, BROWN AND CO. BFYR, $11 In this graphic novel based on an astonishing true story, Sophia Glock discovers the reason her family moves so much: Her parents are spies! Follow along as Sophia uncovers this life-altering secret through a letter she was never meant to read—and processes the reality of her parents’ double life. SWAY WITH ME BY SYED M. MASOOD LITTLE, BROWN AND CO. BFYR, $10 Arsalan, 17, lives with his 100-year-old great-grandfather Nana in a…