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Go Pro - The Complete Guide

Go Pro - The Complete Guide

Go Pro - The Complete Guide

NEW! Premium Special Edition. Over 140 pages of high quality digital content. The only GoPro guide you will ever need. Do you fancy a spot of mountain climbing, surfing or just a stroll on the beach with the dog and want to capture the moment? If that’s the case, then the GoPro range of cameras is just what you need. They were developed to be small, lightweight, robust and able to go anywhere, even underwater. GoPros are the popular must have camera for action and adventure, so take us on this adventure with you to ensure that you get the very best from your GoPro. 100% INDEPENDENT!

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gopro the complete guide

If you love the great outdoors, sports or adventure, chances are good that you’ve heard of the GoPro range of action cameras. What exactly is an action camera? Well, as the name implies, it is a device that is designed to be taken into the thick of the action and is tough enough, small enough and light enough to withstand everything that you can throw at it. Fancy a spot of mountain climbing and need to take some stills or video of the event? Then the GoPro range covers this for you. Are you going scuba diving on holiday and wish you could capture the amazing underwater vistas with a rugged, water proof camera? Again, GoPro has what you need. The GoPro range is as versatile as it is rugged.…

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the gopro is born

“It was the brainchild of Nick Woodman, who on a surfing trip to Australia in 2002, was frustrated that he couldn’t get quality up-close photos of the surfing action.” All the major manufactures produce action cameras of one sort or another. Canon has the PowerShot D30, Nikon the Coolpix W100 and Olympus the Tough. They can all take stills that range from around 8MP up to 16MP and can shoot HD and Ultra HD video. Even SatNav company TomTom have an action camera called the Bandit capable of 4K video and 16MP stills. There is however, one brand that has become synonymous with recording outdoor action and sports. GoPro, with its action camera range. It would seem that it has become the daddy of them all, beloved by anyone who likes…

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the gopro range

“The release of the HERO4 and now the HERO5 and HERO6 has given us some great advances in image quality and features.” The GoPro range has come quite a way since those first prototypes back in 2002 and the first commercial model in 2004. The range really hit its stride with the release of the HERO3 and HERO3+. Full HD video and 12MP stills were now possible in a package that measured only 41 x 59 x 30mm. The release of the HERO4 and now the HERO5 and HERO6 has given us some great advances in image quality and features. Over the next few pages, we’ll take a look through the range. Although the HERO5, 6 and Session models alone are currently available on the GoPro website, the HERO3 and HERO4…

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the gopro range

GoPro HERO6 Black The HERO6 Black is now the most powerful GoPro in the range with twice the performance. It shoots 4K video at 60FPS, 12MP photos, voice control and Raw format, producing quality stills and amazing video. It also has GoPro’s most advanced image stabilisation to date. It can deliver smooth video without the need for a 3-axis gimbal. ▪ 12MP / 30 FPS Burst ▪ 4K 60FPS / 2.7K 120FPS / 1080P 240FPS ▪ Waterproof 33FT (10M) ▪ Simple One Button Control ▪ Touch Zoom ▪ 5GHz Wi-Fi + Bluetooth ▪ New GP1 processor ▪ Improved dynamic range ▪ Improved Voice Control ▪ Advanced Video Stabilisation ▪ Touch Display ▪ GPS location Capture ▪ Raw + HDR Photo Capture GoPro HERO5 Black This is one of the more recent and powerful action camera in the GoPro lineup. It boasts 4K video, 12MP photos, voice…

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unbox and set up

“As an example, we have a new GoPro HERO5 Black which we’ll use to walk you through the unboxing process.” If you’ve never used a GoPro before, the set up procedure is pretty straightforward. As an example, we have a new GoPro HERO5 Black which we’ll use to walk you through the unboxing process. We’ll show you what’s in the box and how to get the camera set up and ready for the big switch on. Then we’ll give you a quick overview of the main set up procedure, app installation on your mobile device and how to connect it to your camera. There’s also a quick guide to making sure your firmware is up to date. Most recent versions of the GoPro range can all be updated wirelessly using the…

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unboxing the gopro

01 The box for the HERO5 Black can be opened at the bottom and the entire package with the camera on its mount can be slid out of the outer display box. 02 Inside the main compartment of the box you’ll find the battery, USB-C cable and two adhesive mounts for the camera. 03 Set these to one side for the moment. You’ll need the battery in a short while. 04 On the other side of the packaging is a smaller compartment that contains a quick start manual, safety instructions and some GoPro stickers. 05 Let’s take a look at the camera itself. The camera can be removed from the display box mount by lifting the rubber stop. 06 You can then squeeze the two mounting clips together and then slide the GoPro off the…