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Golf Magazine August 2018

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in their own words

GOLFERS are some of the friendliest and most accessible athletes on the planet. Fans watch them play, see their emotions and almost feel like they know them. We caught up with two Lexus Golf Ambassadors, Jason Day and Patrick Cantlay, and talked to them about their golf journeys. Q What is the key to performing your best under pressure? Jason Day: A lot of breathing, a lot of water, a lot of food, and I think most of all, a lot of guts. You’ve got to keep pushing until the final putt goes in the hole and know how far you can go and push yourself mentally. You’re not just playing against however many players are in the field; you’re really playing against yourself. Patrick Cantlay: Staying in the moment and committing to…

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how to use the scan-it/see-it digital feature in this issue

HOW IT WORKS Invisible watermarks on select photos act as gateways to bonus videos. With the Digimarc app, your smartphone or tablet recognizes the watermarks and automatically delivers the content to your device. 1 Download and open the Digimarc Discover app on your smartphone or cameracapable tablet. The app is free and is available at the iTunes store for Apple devices and at the Google Play market for Android devices. 2 Position the phone four to seven inches above any photo bearing the yellow SCAN THIS PHOTO label (example, right), as if you were taking a picture (flash optional). If you have access to a Wi-Fi connection, downloads will be faster. 3 Hold the camera steady. The app will click and buzz when it recognizes the image and then begin downloading the described content…

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WILL PHIL WIN ANOTHER MAJOR? Yes: 37% No: 63% BEST PHIL MOMENT? Watching him finally get the green jacket. Dave Senter The backwards flop shot! Brad Chambers His Open win. Never thought he’d win one, especially that late in his career. But watching that whole back nine and him storming into the lead at the end was awesome. @KezzardTheWizzard WHAT’S THE HAPPIEST YOU’VE EVER BEEN ON A GOLF COURSE? Playing in a tournament with my dad when he made a hole-in-one while a reporter was filming. He died a year ago, but I’ll never forget that feeling! Roger Selvey The day I first broke 100, playing with my brother, who had his all-time low round. He said nothing about his score as we played, not wanting to distract me! He informed me later, as we celebrated my round. Denny Tulenson My husband and I eloped…

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a moving target

I LEFT SHINNECOCK during Saturday’s round near 11:oo a.m.—it was hot, windy and I was already six days in on the eastern end of Long Island. With my planned departure, I missed witnessing first-hand the bulk of the carnage levied by the course and nature on the players with afternoon times, as well as Phil Mickelson’s gratuitous (or cunning) application of Rule 14-5 on the 13th hole, giving new meaning to the term “Moving Day” (to say nothing about “sportsmanship” and “fair play”). Like you, I had to read or hear about it, digesting input from golf scribes and pundits, ours and those from other media outlets, on how, once again, the USGA had stressed Shinnecock too thin, driving players of even Phil’s caliber to the edge of lunacy. Honestly,…

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now on the tee: your raves, rants and reactions

THE PLANE TRUTH As a convert to the single-plane swing, it’s amazing now for me to see just how much the body must change itself from setup to impact in a multi-plane motion. For example, take a look at Alex Noren in the June issue, in pictures 1 and 12 of the swing sequence on pp. 24-25. At impact, his left leg is straighter and his back bows so the right forearm and the shaft can form a straight line in order to strike the ball. On the other hand, the single-plane swing looks virtually the same at setup and impact. The right heel might be off the ground a little, but that’s it. Less movement equals more consistency. Now, the pros have the raw talent—along with years of playing, practicing…

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teeing off

ONE LIFE TO LID For the past several seasons, Titlest has kept five-time Tour winner Jason Dufner’s dome stylishly coddled and craddled. This year, without that cozy sponsorship deal, Duf Daddy has gone totally and hilariously off the lid grid. Whimsy seemed to have been the driver in his early-’18 headwear choices. But in late May, at the Memorial in Columbus, Ohio, the Cleveland native’s cranial caper turned into a coup when a local firm—MSF Real Estate Capital—bought up his circular ad-space for a week. At Shinnecock Hills, Dufner stepped into it a little more lucratively when FootJoy, sensing the fun of it, gleefully went retro with his noggin. The capper? Dufner contended well at Shinny’s United States Open—at least until the course-setup carnage of round three. So hats off to…