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Golf Magazine February 2019

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“it’s a game of quality and vibrant color. hence, the reimagined golf.”

GOLF IS IMPORTANT TO ME. It’s a favorite pastime, one I enjoy with my friends, my wife and my son. Golf’s deep-rooted principles—integrity, sportsmanship and managing the balance between risk and reward—are at the heart of my own core values, whether in personal or business pursuits. Most importantly, my passion for the game is a bond—with you, our one million–plus subscribers and countless millions of other readers of this magazine. We are golfers. This is why I purchased GOLF in February 2018, and why—in what I hope is a welcome surprise—this issue looks and feels different than any widely distributed golf magazine you’ve ever read. The goal from day one was to build on the title’s legacy—60 years strong as of this year—by deeply investing my own personal time and resources…

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Heartland Heartburn David DeNunzio’s column in the December issue (“Great Expectations”) couldn’t have been more off the mark, at least as far as Midwestern golfers are concerned. The move of the PGA Championship to May gives good Midwestern venues little chance of being able to participate, which just adds to the disproportionate snubbing of the area by the U.S. Open. Compounding that is the absolutely idiotic decision to eliminate the traditional Western Open from the Chicagoland market—I think this is the PGA’s and PGA Tour’s biggest mistake. Furthermore, none of us want to hear the inebriated “baba-booeys” or drunken “you’re the mans” that fill the Bethpage and eastern tournament telecasts. They should consider implementing an alcohol cutoff about two hours before the end of the tournament and force the spectators to sober up,…

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“my best memories of the game are yet to be had.”

MY EARLIEST MEMORIES of the game are of me perched on the hood of the family car, watching my father hit balls at a listing range off Lincoln Ave. in Orange, Calif. Maybe my sisters are there, maybe not, but I’m with someone, scoring each shot, A to F, before they zoom into the darkness, beyond the reach of poor-wattage floodlights. Is it a Saturday night or a Wednesday? Who knows? I’m just happy to be there, surrounded by dirt, rusted fencing and my father’s languid swings. I have other memories: joining Dad in the stall at the range and, eventually, on the course, the latter being some of the happiest days of my youth. Of making friends with others who also loved the game, and our post-school rounds, laughs being…

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what we’re doing—and what you’re thinking—this month

WHERE WE’RE PLAYING Rustic Canyon Golf Club in Moorpark, Calif. Links-like tracks are rare in SoCal, and this one’s playable for all handicaps, with surprisingly quick greens. Careful: Windy conditions can make it tough. —Michael Chwasky WHAT WE’RE BUYING Callaway Hyper-Lite Zero L Double-Strap Stand Bag. I bought this 2.5-pound beauty in advance of a three-day, 86-hole, carry-your-own golfapalooza at Bandon Dunes, and it proved to be worth its weight in (really light) gold. —Alan Bastable WHAT WE’RE USING Bridgestone B330-RX yellow golf balls. Like so much else in life, it’s a concession to aging. I’d been resisting the color switch, but it’s the best change I’ve made in a long time. —Josh Sens WHAT WE’RE READING The Match, by Mark Frost. A page-turner about one of the game’s greatest dustups: the ’56 match between Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson,…

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poipu bay: kauai

Day four of a golf trip kills “me. I ache. My swing thought, such as it were? I sort of miss my dog.” BEFORE GOLFERS ROAMED HERE, dinosaurs did. Maybe not specifically on Robert Trent Jones Jr.’s breathtaking track at Poipu Bay, but probably on the island of Kauai and most definitely in the movies. Steven Spielberg once loosed his velociraptors on this wonderously prehistoric place, their only apparent handicap an inability to get spin on their wedges. But innumerably odd things have happened on Kauai, like the tale on page 98 of one rental car, two bald guys, three strangers, four days and five golf courses. Paige Tip No. 1 Want to bend it like Spiranac? A full rotation on your takeaway begins with flexibility (and a little yoga). See p. 38 $34…

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“the match”: did it fizzle or start a bonfire?

SINCE GOLF MAGAZINES ARE THE FIRST ROUGH draft of history, what to make of The Match? Phil Mickelson was indisputably the winner, vanquishing Tiger Woods in not-so-sudden-death, but the larger meaning of this spectacle is still up for grabs. The cheesy trappings—$9 million in cash sitting on the first tee, Charles Barkley gasbagging at the mic, a playoff settled under the lights—did little to change the mind of those who had decided in advance it was an ill-advised TV game show running contrary to the spirit of the gentleman’s game. At the same time, the taut, well-played back nine, along with Woods’s brooding intensity and Mickelson’s goofy star power, validated the notion that this was a fun, out-of-the-box idea that could become a staple of the golf calendar. And the…