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Golf Magazine March 2019

Golf Magazine is the number one source for golf instruction, equipment and travel, including: exclusive instruction from our Top 100 Teachers in America, introspective interviews with the game’s rising stars and old masters, and short-game tips from guru David Pelz. Plus, you’ll get the latest in gear, including ClubTest equipment reviews, and private lessons, tips personalized for your game.

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Heavy Weather Michael Bamberger’s “This Golfing Life” article in the January issue about the incredible destruction caused by Hurricane Michael (“Blown Away”) hit me hard. Maybe the saddest article I’ve ever read in a golf magazine. I’ve never been to Marianna, Fla., and probably never will be, but this one hurt. Having been an avid golfer for more than 60 years and a GOLF reader for most of that time, this tragic story cut me to the core. If Rod and Kyle Beebe continue to do what they can to make their course a going concern again, I would like to do a little bit to help, and I bet there are many others just like me. How about opening a GOLF crowdfunding campaign to help put Indian Springs back together? I’d…

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“the new golf.com is the home page for your game.”

“YOU CAN COUNT ON THREE THINGS,” the saying goes: death, taxes and, in our particular case, a massive gear guide in the March issue of GOLF (our first ClubTest was 1992). Of the 75 new (or new-ish) drivers, woods, hybrids and irons presented in this issue, I’d be hard-pressed to tell you which ones are better than the rest. Sure, I have my favorites and I know the ones that are truly pushing the envelope, but we’ve reached the point where the art of clubmaking is so advanced that pretty much every new piece of gear is capable of transforming your game. Secret is, there is a perfect club or set for every golfer, and while we sprinkle clues for you over the course of 39 pages in this year’s…

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what we’re doing—and what you’re thinking—right now!

WHO WE’RE FOLLOWING I’ve recently been tracking two different photo-driven accounts. @LinksGems is well-known. Just gorgeous golf photos. The other is @DogsOfTurf, which is devoted entirely to golf’s canines. It’s as fun as you’d think it would be. —Sean Zak WHAT WE’RE WATCHING Old Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf episodes on YouTube. Recommend: Harry Bradshaw v. Billy Casper at Portmarnock, 1963. Cardigans and crewcuts in full color—and Sarazen on the mic. —David DeNunzio WHERE WE’RE PLAYING I’m pretty pumped about the South Course at Corica Park, a newly renovated muni in my neck of the woods in the Bay Area. What was once a flat and featureless track with terrible drainage is now a firm, fast layout with lots of movement, designed in the style of an Aussie sandbelt course. It’s everything anyone could ask…

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Cape Kidnappers: New Zealand YOU DON’T TRAVEL THREE-QUARTERS of the way around the globe to play just one course, although getting on Cape Kidnappers or the ultra-private Tara Iti—both of them Tom Doak stunners—might suffice. No, you journey many, many hours to New Zealand to play everything from ritzy resort loops to a golf course with no bunkers, all the while drinking in the country’s staggering beauty, and perhaps a bit of its famous wine along the way. It all begins on page 94—with one seriously heartstopping leap of faith. Captain America’s superpower is his mesmerizingly smooth swing—that is, when he’s not fighting tempo trouble. See p. 26 “Is the golf really that good? It is. The catch? It’s also really spread out. No 36-a-day here.” 32 Percentage of U.S. golfers who bought at…

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the bard of bel-air

YOU CAN TRACE THE arc of Eddie Merrins’ life by the dozen Hall of Fames in which he’s been enshrined. There is the State of Mississippi Hall—Merrins was born with a plastic spoon in his mouth in a backwater town but went on to win the 1948 high school state championship. The LSU Athletic Hall of Fame is a nod to his standout playing career as an undergraduate. The UCLA HoF recognizes his 14 years as the head coach of the men’s golf team, including the 1988 national championship team. But for the man known far and wide as the Li’l Pro, one bronze plaque cuts to the heart of his life’s work: the World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame. “It has been a great joy and a great honor…

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the look-back

Super 70s Sports @Super70sSports “250 over water? Hand me the 3-wood, I’m in flavor country.” NOT THIS MONTH IN GOLF HISTORY March, 1972: Gary Player goes an entire day without remembering to tell everyone he meets about the importance of fitness, and does not forgive himself for it until 2013. March, 1979: Earl Woods says, “Look, I don’t care if you’re three. If you can’t pure a driver out of a fairway divot over water, don’t even ask me for Dairy Queen later.” March, 1991: In a misguided effort to compete with Chi-Chi Rodriguez’s popular sword dance, Miller Barber pumps three imaginary rifle shots over the gallery after draining a clutch birdie putt. March, 2005: Johnny Miller pumps himself up in the morning for the 11,000th straight day by looking into the bathroom mirror and shouting,…