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Golf Magazine April 2019

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you like us…you really like us!

Wow! The newly designed February 2019 issue of GOLF is outstanding! My issue is worn out already, and I still have some unread articles. Usually, I’ll pick and choose what I read in a magazine, maybe ending up with one or two relevant articles before tossing it into the recycling bin. Not this time! I mean, Donald Ross’s digs, tips from DJ, Hogan’s swing, fantastic piece about Lanny Wiles, “Lessons,” flagstick in or out, how to choose hybrid vs. iron vs. fairway wood…and I still have to finish the rest of the magazine. A keeper! Thanks for your fine, reimagined work. It feels good and looks good. —Dave Gangemi, Camillus, N.Y. I love the new magazine format. I have been a subscriber for some time and will continue to be for many…

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“this year, we celebrate two masters.”

I GET INTO EVERY MAJOR. I mean, really get into it. It’s during those four special weeks when I’m at my golf nerdiest, when even what’s unfolding early on the second day of Open Championship practice rounds holds more importance than whatever needs the wife is throwing my way. By far, my excitement peaks early in major season, at the Masters. For seven days in spring, when all eyes are fixed on Augusta, Ga., the passion transcends mere fandom. It blossoms into a full-blown celebration, where I (as I’m sure you do) fete the dawn of a new golf season, the quirky Masters traditions and a course that’s nothing short of a national treasure (I know this and I haven’t even played it). Back in my single days, around the…

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shag bag

WHAT WE’RE READING The Green, by Troon McAllister. A fictional book about the Ryder Cup and how the U.S. team captain brought on a golf hustler to help carry the team to victory against Europe. A must-read for golf fans who want to learn more about the pressures of the biennial event. —Pat Ralph WHAT WE’RE EATING Spam musubi. The world’s greatest golf course snack. I make it at home and bring it with me when I play. Puts a hot dog and a bag of Doritos to shame. —Josh Sens WHO WE’RE FOLLOWING Max Homa (@maxhoma23) on Twitter. He’s the most refreshing pro on social media. He has a wit about him that has made his account a must-follow. —Tim Reilly WHAT WE’RE PLAYING The newly transformed Phoenician Golf Course, which went from 27 to 18 holes in an…

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patrick reed’s year of living aimlessly

IT IS HARD TO REMEMBER NOW HOW SPECTACULAR Patrick Reed’s Masters victory was. He came within three shots of the tournament scoring record while dusting more celebrated contemporaries Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth and Rickie Fowler. It should have been one of golf’s most mythologized breakthroughs, the gritty triumph of a one-time Monday qualifier who had simply willed himself into a green jacket. But Reed was never going to get the fairy-tale treatment. He had already carved out his role as golf’s antihero, and winning the Masters laid bare the dysfunction that has long surrounded him: Reed’s parents live in Augusta but, along with their daughter, were forced to watch the final round of the Masters on TV at home because of a long-simmering estrangement. Reed won two national championships for…

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turn putting misses into makes: the hype-and-swipe swing

Amateurs ask me all the time if there’s one thing they can do to immediately improve their putting. Most are surprised to learn that my answer has very little to do with stroke mechanics or becoming a better green reader. Instead, it’s the ability to convince their playing competitors that they neglected to “try.” Confused? Allow me to explain. Let’s say you’ve been putting solidly all day, but late in the round you get a little aggressive with an uphill 12-footer for par and it runs almost four feet by the hole. Now you find yourself with a nasty little downhill left-edge putt for bogey that’s clearly out of universally accepted gimme range. What do you do? Obviously, this is a putt you have no interest in hitting, but it’s…

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there’s room for everyone

LAST MARCH, WHEN I mentioned on Twitter that I would be attending the 2018 Masters, I was flooded with comments saying the experience would exceed my wildest expectations. However, when I arrived at the course, I was surprised that my first reaction was to feel…uncomfortable. It felt as though I had just snuck into an exclusive club where I’d never felt good enough to belong. But then, after a few moments of taking everything in, I realized I was being as closed-minded as many of the people in my social-media comments section. It was my own insecurities that made me feel like an outcast. Once I recognized that, I was able to let it go and embrace all the things that make the Masters so special and revered. The Masters is…