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Reilly Unhappy We just wanted to write to voice how disappointed we were to read about politics in the Rick Reilly “Last Off” article in your May issue. We enjoy the game of golf and the entire environment around golf because it allows us to enjoy life and get away from some of the troubles and stresses of life. Having an article about politics in your magazine is not only unnecessary, it takes the reader from having a little relief and enjoyment in life to one of stress. I don’t care if the political view is coming from the right or left, we do not think most of your readers want to hear about politics in any manner in your magazine. As much as we follow politics, we do not want…

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“memories are in the wings.”

IT IS A GREAT PRIVILEGE to hand over the Big Red Pen to Mr. Jack Nicklaus this month, where the man with 73 Tour wins and 18 majors assumes Guest Editorship of our fair magazine. Throughout the book the Golden Bear chimes in on a variety of topics, then goes large during a personal narration of memorable photos snapped on his favorite course in a special Pebble Beach family album (p. 74). On those pages—and in a letter from Jack to our readers on the page immediately following this entry—it becomes obvious that the Pebble/Nicklaus relationship is strong. So is the bond between Jack and the event Pebble is hosting come mid-June (fittingly, during Pebble’s centennial year): the 119th U.S. Open. I can’t claim a major victory (and a U.S. Amateur)…

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“among all u.s. open venues, the one that best ticks all the boxes for me is pebble beach.”

ALL MAJORS ARE SPECIAL, but to me, the U.S. Open is the most important. It’s our national championship, and as a proud American I feel a uniquely passionate connection to it. There’s an enormous sense of satisfaction that comes with a victory here. As a 22-year-old rookie in 1962, I couldn’t have scripted a better way to launch my career than having my first pro win come at the U.S. Open. And not just any U.S. Open. It was at tough-yet-gorgeous Oakmont, in the backyard of my longtime friend and rival Arnold Palmer. To beat Arnold there, in a playoff, made it just that much more memorable. The U.S. Open also represents the tremendous bond with and appreciation I have for USGA events. Since my junior days and the 71 USGA championships…

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here’s what’s grabbing our attention this month in the world of golf.

WHAT WE’RE WEARING Vineyard Vines performance quarterzips. When I think about quarter-zips, I think lazy office attire, but then Jim Nantz hooked me up with one of these beauties. It’s a slick look you can rock to work that’s also not heavy or dragging on your golf swing. —Sean Zak WHAT WE’RE DRINKING Highland Park 12. My newly minted father-in-law, Doug Fagan, gave me a bottle; it’s got a nice smoky flavor overlaying a rich honey base. It’s probably my favorite whisky around, and my go-to after a fun round on the links. —Luke Kerr-Dineen WHAT WE’RE EATING Sure, you can get any number of nutrition bars to throw in your golf bag, but how many of them are endorsed by a golf Hall-of-Famer? “The Big Easy” has made it simple to keep my energy…

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durban cc: south africa

THIS IS JUST ONE EXOTIC STOP ON a loop of courses linked by train, for a golf adventure among the oddest and most old-school in the world. Black tees by day, black-tie by night. Sleeper cars. Infighting foreigners. Think Agatha Christie—with duck hooks, duck confit and aperitifs. (P. 114) “You’re in Africa, fool. My God, monkeys live in the trees near the halfway house. Every day here arrives like a telegram from a time you never saw.” 2.6 Estimated number, in millions, of new golfers who played on a course for the first time in 2018. Courtesy Rovos Rail Tours; Courtesy TAG Heuer; Courtesy TaylorMade…

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still open for business

WHEN GRAEME MCDOWELL surprised the golf world by winning the 2010 U.S. Open, he was a twentysomething swinging bachelor just beginning his ascent into a world-class player. Now the Ryder Cup star returns to another Open at Pebble on the cusp of turning 40, married with two kids and a stepdaughter, a partner in a thriving business (Nona Blue, an Orlando tavern) and having just brawled his way out of the longest slump of his career. “It’s definitely been the fastest and craziest ten years of my life,” McDowell said recently in his lilting Northern Irish brogue. “What a ride it’s been. And I’m not ready for it to be over just yet.” McDowell’s breakthrough at Pebble Beach actually began two weeks before the Open, when he went 64-63 on the…