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Golf Magazine September 2019

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welcome to the machine

IN JUNE, THE NATIONAL GOLF FOUNDATION, the Jupiter, Fla.-based nonprofit research group that monitors the game’s growth and vitality, released some promising participation numbers. The one that caught my eye was 2.6 million, which according to the NGF, represents the number of beginners who played on a course for the first time in 2018, a historic high. Good news. Great news, actually. Digging a bit further, I found that 18 percent of these beginners were over the age of 50—not a historic level, but the highest number in a decade. Props to Boomers and Gen Xers notwithstanding, the long-term health of our sport depends on more youth. Unfortunately, junior participation sagged in 2018 compared to the previous two years, and what the NGF considers to be the game-growth gold mine—18-…

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feel the noise

There was a day when golf fans observed a level of decorum that was indicative of the game—gentlemanly (and gentlewomanly) conduct in which good play was recognized and rewarded with applause and orderly enthusiasm. These days, however, the shouting, calling out of names, and the general disorder at pro golf events has diminished the apparent quality of the gallery (or “patrons” if you wish) to nothing more than an unruly gang that might be found at a soccer match or a football game. Enthusiasm is one thing—disorderliness and rudeness are quite another. I have finally reached the point where although I’m an avid fan and continue to watch golf on television, I can no longer tolerate the lack of civility and dignity of too many who attend the tournaments. Now I simply…

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lower digs deep

THE WEB.COM TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP—excuse us, the Korn Ferry Tour Championship—is the most brutally Darwinian tournament in golf. Last year its very essence was boiled down to one 8-foot birdie putt, faced by a mild-mannered, 29-year-old Ohioan named Justin Lower. Make it and he would earn a promotion to the PGA Tour; miss it and Lower was doomed to spend another year haunting the minor leagues, with all the frustrations and indignities and money-related stress that entails. As Lower stalked his putt on the 18th hole at Atlantic Beach (Fla.) Country Club, Jim Knous was watching from a Golf Channel set a hundred yards away. (His Twitter nickname, “Jimmy Hard K,” offers a guide to pronunciation.) Knous had exited the 18th hole projected as 25th on the season-ending money list, which, if…

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on the number

8 With Dustin Johnson’s second-place finishes at the Masters and the PGA Championship, the number of players who’ve bagged the career “Runner-up Slam.” DJ joins Craig Wood, Arnie, Jack, Watson, Norman, Lefty and Louis Oosthuizen. $ 75,000 Dollar amount of winning bid at charity auction to carry Tiger Woods’s bag in this December’s Hero World Challenge. AVERAGE CLUBHEAD SPEED ON TOUR Top 20 over the last 10 years: Men’s national championship trophies (16) won by the University of Houston since the NCAA took over the tournament. (Yale won 20 from 1897-1936.) 29.47 Percentage of first-place prize money won by Rory McIlroy in the PGA Tour events he’s entered through the U.S. Open (first on Tour).…

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the champ: gary woodland

GOLF’S COGNOSCENTI HAVE KNOWN FOR A DECADE that Gary Woodland had all the tools. But tools alone are not enough. That was the lesson of his U.S. Open win at Pebble Beach. In victory, Woodland, 35, spoke of how he has learned to manage his talent, praising particularly his former coach (Butch Harmon) and his current coach (Pete Cowen). “I kept telling myself, ‘Enjoy this moment. Enjoy the pressure. Enjoy being uncomfortable. Don’t shy away from it, embrace it.’ And I think that helped me stay a little more calm.” Three quick things about that statement. First of all, it’s deeply articulate, as is Woodland. Also, it shows a thinking and aware person. But it should be noted that saying it and doing it are two different things. At Pebble, Gary did…

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subair systems

ROLEX, PATEK PHILIPPE, OMEGA: All beautiful timepieces to look at. What makes them special, though, is what’s unseen—the sublime mechanism beneath the face. At leading courses like Augusta National and Winged Foot, the greens are pristine—and the turf below is supremely healthy. What helps keep them that way, free from the ravages of too much or too little air, water and heat, is SubAir. This largely hidden tech package supplements standard drainage systems to manage and moderate soil aeration, moisture and temperature. The result: Putting surfaces that run like clockwork. 1. INTAKE/EXHAUST PIPE In the system’s pressure mode, air is drawn through an intake/exhaust pipe, where it’s subsequently propelled through drain pipes and into the soil, through which it travels before being expelled into the atmosphere. In vacuum mode, air is pulled…