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hello, beautiful!

5 Things to Love About the New GOLF.com Just as we constantly strive to evolve and optimize this magazine, so too are we working to perfect our digital platforms—with the goal of making you better, happier, more informed golfers. The result is the new-look GOLF.com. 1. Faster access to content through improved site functionality. 2. Better organization, presentation and find-ability of the compelling content we create every day, from game improvement to PGA Tour analysis to videos and podcasts, plus a more searchable archive. 3. A cleaner, more inspiring design that will provide you not only with an escape but also entry points to tons of engaging content. 4. Full-screen video players to better show off our ever-growing video offerings, plus feature playlists that will suggest more content for your specific interests. 5. Customized experiences for…

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everything but net

I BOUGHT A HITTING NET back in April—big, white with red trim. It took a while to arrive, even my Amazon Prime loyalty a victim of coronavirus. Our home sits adjacent to a city park here in Montclair, N.J., a bustling suburb roughly 15 miles due west of GOLF’s Manhattan offices, which have sat empty for more than two months. Stealing a few square yards of real estate from the neighboring acreage provided the room I needed to let ’em rip. (Plus, the missus said no to putting it in the backyard.) Early sessions were a reminder that, as ever, the game needs work, but it’s functional enough to take to the course now that play has opened up in the northeast. It had been a while since I’d heard…

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Thanks for the Memory As I read Jonathan Wall’s article “The Virtuoso” (May) about Mike Taylor, the man responsible for building Tiger Woods’ clubs, among others, over the years, a name from my past jumped off the page: Gene Sheeley. I enjoyed the mention of Gene, who was Mr. Hogan’s personal clubmaker and Mike’s mentor. My first real job following college was with the Hogan Company in Fort Worth, Texas. As both gofer and golfer, I had the unique opportunity to be in the presence of both Mr. Sheeley and Mr. Hogan. Only years later did I come to appreciate the exposure I had on any given day to two of golf ’s greatest icons who, in different ways, contributed mightily to the game. Thanks to Jonathan for a great story that revived…

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Linksoul cofounder Geoff Cunningham wanted to do something to help people suffering in the most vulnerable populations during this coronavirus pandemic. So he put his wit and design skills to work to help #flattenthecurve. In the graphic on the navy T-shirt, there are two options: Lob the ball over the tree a few yards ahead and fall short of the green, or punch “the low stinger” under the tree and hit the green. Easy call. The arcs of the shots resemble graphs used to illustrate the country’s effort to “flatten the curve” against the spread of the disease. All proceeds from the Linksoul campaign go to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, which assists folks like hourly wage workers and the elderly help make ends meet during these difficult times. The…

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family ties

GOLF.COM / SMART GOLF STARTS HERE/ JUNE 2020 IT’S AN INDIVIDUAL SPORT, RIGHT? So why is it that we associate golf so closely with family? Probably because we were lucky enough—most of us, at least—to pick up the game from our father. U.S. Open Sundays in June are traditionally when we raise a toast to the old man. This year’s Open has been pushed back to September, but we’re still on course (Cabot Links is below) for a Father’s Day foursome of stories and—hint—a gift guide. (p. 65) 23 The number of new dimpled beauties in our 2020 GOLF BALL GUIDE p. 94 “A thousand miles from home, on the coastline of Inverness, Nova Scotia, and golf has brought my young family together. Onward we march.” p. 66 COLOR ME COOL TAYLORMADE’S SPIDER X…

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the knockdown on a roll

#PLAYING THROUGH The Perfect Practice Putting Mat, a socialdistancing and social-media sensation. WHAT DOES IT TAKE to create the most popular golf training aid of the Covid era? Persistence, ingenuity, hustle… and humiliation. Let’s begin with the last one, shall we? Oren Kantor grew up in a basketball family—his grandfather owned the Dayton Wings of the defunct World Basketball League—and didn’t come to golf until high school. By the time he was a senior, at the Pine Crest School in Ft. Lauder dale, Kantor was a strong ball striker tormented by his putting. The nadir came during a taut match when his score would determine if his Panthers were to win or lose. With his teammates circling the final green, Kantor four-putted from 30 feet, leading to a crushing defeat. The memory still…