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Golf Magazine July/August 2020

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a real page-turner

I NEVER HAD ANY FORMAL GOLF INSTRUCTION growing up. In total honesty, I learned how to drive, chip and putt from the pages of GOLF, which I’ve read since my freshman year in high school—decades before ever setting foot in its offices as an employee. Times were different back in the mid-1980s—no social media, no World Wide Web. For a student of the game starving for whatever he could get his hands on, GOLF was a legit teaching outlet. It was during this time in the title’s history when former editor in chief George Peper supercharged GOLF’s instruction content. The brand launched its Top 100 Teachers franchise in 1985, Greg Norman was playing editor and coaches often graced its covers. Major headlines touted revolutionary swing methods: X-Factor, Single-Plane, anything from…

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see ya, slice!

Thanks to Top 100 Teacher Boyd Summerhays and his take on Tony Finau’s recent swing adjustments (“Four Ways Tony Fixed His Slice,” May). I not only struggle with slicing, but I also tend to hit hosel rockets. The changes Finau made to his grip, as explained by Mr. Summerhays, has worked wonders for me. After moving my right hand more to the right on the handle à la Finau, I went through two practice buckets. In the four rounds that followed, I beat my index by at least four strokes. Bye-bye hosel rockets and thank you GOLF Magazine! —Jim Griesser, via email Let Me Set the Record Straight I read your May issue and thoroughly enjoyed your interview with Bob May (“May Day”). In it you spent time discussing the 2000 PGA Championship…

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A watch that suggests targets? This is a do-everything golf and lifestyle companion. Typically, I’ve had a tough time playing golf while wearing a watch. Too clunky, distracting, pretty impractical. The sleek new TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition has changed my ways. Put aside for a moment TAG’s legendary styling and superb craftsmanship—this baby is a versatile, do-everything golf and lifestyle companion. On course, the watch and the second-generation Connected app provide everything you’d expect, including GPS-accurate distances, precise shot measurements and post-round stats. One standout app feature is the 3D course mapping. And new for this year, a “Driving Zone” option that suggests targets based on previous tee shots. Off course, the Connected monitors performance data for tons of activities. So actually, there’s not much reason to ever take it…

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the knockdown

CONSIDER THE GOLF BAG. For many it is merely a utilitarian object, inexpensive and adorned with logos, designed to be stuffed with detritus. For others, it is a statement of personal style to be accessorized with great care. For Todd Rohrer, the golf bag is a holy object. “It’s the most personal relationship we have with any piece of golf gear,” he says. “You spend four hours with this bag slung over your shoulder. Your hands rest on the bag while you walk, engaging that sense of the tactile. When you’re not on the course, the bag sits in the corner of your office or maybe your bedroom and the eyes always go to it, right? It’s calling to you.” Rohrer, 59, has always had a deep connection to his gear.…

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on the number

20 MILLION Total amount raised for Covid-19 relief through The Match II: Champions for Charity. 5,800,000 Average viewership for The Match II. That’s the largest cable audience ever for a golf telecast. 98 The percentage of U.S. golf courses open by the first of June; up from 44 percent in April. +8.5 Rickie Fowler’s best handicap index from 2016–20, tops among all Tour players. $101,186 Amount raised by Member4aDay, which auctioned off foursomes at Shinnecock, Friar’s Head, Sweetens Cove and other GOLF Top 100 courses, for Covid-19 relief.…

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can’t-miss putt grip

THERE’S NEW, EXCITING research on torque and forces applied to the grip. In the 1930s, Paul Runyan (PGA Tour Hall of Fame) applied torque to the grip when putting in a unique and highly effective way. And it all started with his grip. Use the two keys above to establish a decent copy of his hold. Then, as you swing back, push your right heel pad into the grip to torque the putter to the right, and in the forward stroke use your left heel pad to torque the putter back to the left. By balancing the torque you apply in each direction, you will stabilize the movement of the putter-head and the face and drain more putts. Dom DiJulia is the director of instruction at Jericho National GC in New…