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Golf Magazine January/February 2021

Golf Magazine is the number one source for golf instruction, equipment and travel, including: exclusive instruction from our Top 100 Teachers in America, introspective interviews with the game’s rising stars and old masters, and short-game tips from guru David Pelz. Plus, you’ll get the latest in gear, including ClubTest equipment reviews, and private lessons, tips personalized for your game.

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(new) season’s greetings

I’M A JANUARY BABY. Capricorn, if that means anything to you. So naturally I’ve tied my advancement in age over the decades to the flip of each new calendar year. And ever since I first fell in love with golf (or felt consumed by it, addicted to it—choose your phrase), my progression in human years has been paired to the unceasing belief that this is my time. Swing-path mistakes: gone. Iron contact: pure. Skins: won. I’ll admit that some years have been better than others. The point is, a constant of my life as a golfer has been associating my birthday—straight off of confetti-and-spirits-filled New Year’s celebrations—with the start of a new golf season, a reboot of the professional tours (at least until this wraparound business began) and my own…

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State(s) of the Rank After an excited and quick scan of GOLF’s Top 100 courses in the U.S. rankings (November-December 2020), I quickly noted that my home state, Colorado, had two entries on the list (Ballyneal and Cherry Hills), and the place where nearly all the rest of my extended family resides (and therefore my “most-likely-to-play-golf-in-another-state” destination), Wisconsin, had five. In the end I was inspired to do something I’ve never done before: write a letter to a magazine. So, first of all, great issue. And second, please nudge someone here in the Rocky Mountain State (where we usually play close to year-round golf) to get it even more representation in ’22! —Zach Arndt, Aurora, Colo. Keep the Heroes Coming I enjoyed reading about Ann Gregory (“First Among Equals,” November-December) and her drive to…

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We’ve seen our fair share of wireless speakers. This one, however, checks all the boxes—and then some. Rokform’s G-ROK is state of the art, high-powered and super sounding. Best of all, it’s built to take a beating (sort of like that last bucket of range balls you plowed through) with tough construction and a welcome amount of heft. We really like the powerful magnet built into the casing that allows you to slap the G-ROK anywhere on your cart for game-changing amplification. One charge gets you 24 hours of play. ($100; rokform.com) —Tim Reilly Discover hundreds of top-end electronics and great golf buys for every type of player at proshop.golf.com Jeffrey Westbrook; Styling: Miako Katoh…

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the knockdown with alan shipnuck

AT THE DAWN of the Cold War, two American soldiers found themselves stationed in Germany, fighting the good fight. Major Phil Tuttle was a Green Beret while Captain Thomas Netzer worked in military intelligence. They became fast friends, as did their wives. Eventually both families returned stateside with their young children. Bobby Tuttle idolized his dad and from an early age resolved to become a Green Beret himself. “He was a real-life G.I. Joe,” Bobby says. “I hungered for that life of adventure and selfless service, the feeling of being part of something bigger than yourself.” Leigh Netzer was also drawn to serve like her father, so she attended Virginia Commonwealth on an ROTC scholarship. Bobby and Leigh, four years apart in age, knew each other their whole lives—their families kept in…

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on the number

64 Percentage of private golf clubs that rated their overall financial health as “great” or “good” in November 2020, up 18 percent from 2016. (SOURCE: NGF) 56 Percentage of public golf clubs that rated their overall financial health as “great” or “good” in November 2020, up 33 percent from 2016. (SOURCE: NGF) $49 The median cost of an 18-hole round of golf during peak hours in the United States. (SOURCE: NGF) Number of American golfers under the age of 30 ranked in the top 15 in the world at the end of 2020, the most since 2000. (The youngest is 21-year-old Matthew Wolff.) 19.06 Dustin Johnson’s total strokes gained at the November Masters; the 15th best of all time. 25.86 Tiger Woods’ total strokes gained at the 1997 Masters, considered the greatest performance relative to…

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access oval rolling

OFFICE WORKERS—when they are in the office—stay sane by amusing themselves between intense bits of business. They trade jokes, walk around and banter with colleagues, sneak in a little fantasy football. Oval Office workers aren’t much different. Like other stressed-out suits, they need intermittent chill moments to keep it together. Besides the convenient free air travel, a sweet perk of being president is the putting green about 20 paces southeast from the Oval Office door. The current iteration was put in place by Robert Trent Jones Jr. at the behest of Bill Clinton. The idea for a green itself took root when devoted hacker Dwight Eisenhower lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. His green—created, along with two par 3s at Camp David, by RTJ Sr.—was removed by Richard Nixon for unknown reasons.…