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passion play

THERE’S A LOT TO LOVE about this game. Even when it’s beating you up, the heart continues to swell. I think I speak for a lot of golfers when I say that my affection for the game peaks in April. That this timing coincides with the Masters is no accident. When Bobby Jones built Augusta National starting in 1931, and hosted the first Masters Invitational three years later, I wonder if he thought of how deeply fans and players would fall for the place, to say nothing of the tournament itself. It’s the only happening I know of in golf where people celebrate its calendar date three months in advance. You got a glimpse of Masters passion last fall, when the usually stoic Dustin Johnson, this issue’s cover subject, broke down…

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dream state

Your article about golf in Hawaii (“Trance Encounters,” January-February) brought back many memories for this 80-year-young Hawaii retiree/golfer. I had a lifelong pal who, every year, would fly over from the mainland to join me for golf on Oahu, and then to one of the other islands to play even more rounds. Although my pal has passed on, my memories of our golfing treks remain, especially one particular week on Kauai. Standing on a tee box at Lagoons (now the Ocean Course at Hokuala Kauai), we looked over the fairway, which was beaming the color of emeralds, with a backdrop of lava rock and multicolored flora. Palm fronds swayed in gentle tradewinds. Beyond the coconut palms was the bluest ocean you can imagine. A memorable moment enough, but then a whale magnificently…

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puma’s mastersthemed x collection lids deliver old-school branding with a modern twist.

April means the sun is out and the flowers are in full bloom. It’s a time for spring cleaning, new beginnings and a little tournament called the Masters. Maybe you’ve heard of it? There’s a mixture of newness and tradition surrounding the most exciting week in golf, as fresh azalea leaves combine with that stuck-in-time drive down Magnolia Lane. Puma aims to capture that same essence with its latest X Collection series of hats. The “four form” stripe design is an adaptation of Puma’s classic retro logo with a modern golf twist. Each of the four stripes represents a tournament round, and the third stripe has a pop of color to emphasize Moving Day—when the action really picks up at Augusta. Hence, the cap’s name: Moving Day 110 snapback ($35; us.puma.com).…

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this golfing life with michael bamberger

EARLY ON THE THURSDAY MORNING of Masters week, on the first tee at Augusta National, there will be a small reunion of a dwindling fraternity: the first and only generation of Black men who brought style and talent—and heart and soul—to the PGA Tour. This is a fraternity without pretense, where caddies and players sup as equals, in part because the players, a good number of them, started as caddies, and the caddies, many of them, could play. The patron saint of this fraternity is the late and great Charlie Sifford, grumpy and wise, for whom Charlie Woods is named. One of the youngest members of the fraternity is Jim Thorpe. He played in the Masters six times, back in his day, but now he’s 72 and he’ll be outside the ropes…

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on the number masters edition

268 Dustin Johnson’s 72-hole total at the 2020 Masters, the lowest in tournament history. .417 The scoring average increase, in strokes, on Augusta National’s 12th hole from Saturday to Sunday at the 2020 Masters. (SOURCE: MASTERS.COM) 323 Tiger Woods’ average driving distance at the 1997 Masters, the longest for a winner in tournament history and more than 17 yards farther than the next-longest winner, Bubba Watson in 2014. (SOURCE: PGATOUR.COM) 324 Bryson DeChambeau’s average driving distance at the 2020 Masters. .360 The scoring average increase, in strokes, on the back nine at Augusta National from Saturday to Sunday at the 2020 Masters. In other words, the Sunday Scaries are a real thing. (SOURCE: MASTERS.COM)…

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ask the rules guy

Due to marshy conditions at my club, an area was declared Ground Under Repair and a drop zone was established far behind it. Do I have the option to play my ball from the GUR, or must I use the drop zone? —Mohammed Suleiman, via email A: As a general rule, you can play from GUR—unless the committee has declared it a no-play zone. (Rules Guy, and Rules Guy alone, refers to this as an NPZ.) This is sometimes done to protect flower beds, for example. A drop zone (DZ), it’s worth noting, is generally given simply as an option, in which case you’re also free to play from the nearest point of complete relief (NPCR), but the committee can require players to take relief from a drop zone. So, in summary:…