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ryding high

THERE HAVE BEEN 42 RYDER CUPS staged since the event began in 1927, with two-time major winner Ted Ray captaining the Great Britain squad and 11-time major champ Walter Hagen marshaling the home team. (Trivia night FYI: Hagen captained the first six U.S. Ryder Cup squads.) Some 94 years later, as we approach the 43rd iteration of the transatlantic matches, the overall win tally still leans heavily toward the Americans, 27–15, thanks to a 22–3 start by Team U.S.A. Since 1985, however, the Euros (originally just Great Britain and, for a few years, Great Britain and Ireland) have owned us westerners, with 12 victories to our five. It stinks to lose, but, for my money, the evolution of a formidable opponent is what makes for great sport. If you don’t…

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GOLF Magazine: On the Money! In my experience as a “golfer” (I started playing in 1997), I don’t ever remember a magazine predicting a cover subject as the next major winner and that player actually winning the next major, as Jon Rahm did at Torrey Pines at the U.S. Open following his appearance on your June issue front page. If Viktor Hovland, the cover subject on your July-August issue, continues to play well, I’ll forever subscribe to your tarot-card book for its 20/20 (…er 20/21) vision! —Ayo Gomih, via e-mail Come Join the Party! I thoroughly enjoyed Paul Sullivan’s article on pro-ams in the July-August Money Game column (“Kings for a Day”). However, I was surprised that he excluded the pro-am at the LPGA ShopRite Classic, held at Seaview GC outside Atlantic City. It’s…

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spotlight unique link

When you buy something from a limited-edition, onlysold-here collection, it’s like joining a private club. You feel good knowing that an exclusive piece—which likely has a cool backstory—will be enjoyed by a select few. Enter GOLF’s Chainlink Collection. We worked with a variety of manufacturers to design a cap ($30), bucket hat ($40), scorecard holder ($45), T-shirt ($35), water bottle ($30) and towel ($30). All feature the same distinct logo that succinctly encapsulates what golf means to us. Just as a link, by definition, is an entity that connects one thing to another, golf links many things—it connects us with people, with nature and with ourselves. By sporting one of these pieces, you’re supporting this metaphoric definition of the game and all but ensuring you’ll be the only person in your group…

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this golfing life with michael bamberger

Joaquin Niemann’s brief time on Tour has already translated into universal truths about teamwork, family and compassion YOU’RE 22. YOUR OLDEST FRIENDS, your architect-in-training girlfriend, your mother, your father and your siblings are 5,000 miles away. You talk to your golf ball in your native language (Spanish) and to your caddie in your adopted one (English). And now you are standing over a putt, a dipstick over 15 feet, to win the biggest title of your young professional career, the Tour’s summer stop at the venerable Detroit Golf Club, the 2021 Rocket Mortgage Classic. If the putt goes in, you’re going to Maui in January and Augusta in April and $1.3 million will come your way by direct deposit. Those things you can put in a box. But this you cannot:…

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better with age

There’s data behind every swing. We crunch it so you don’t have to. First-time major winners in the last five years 4 Total number of Tiffany & Co. “master engravers,” the only people on earth entrusted to etch the winner’s name onto the massive, sterling-silver-and-titanium FedEx Cup trophy 50 Total number of golf courses in Chile, home to Olympians Joaquin Niemann and Mito Pereira. That’s six fewer than in the state of Rhode Island, despite having 250 times its landmass. 1,281 Total number of courses in Florida, the most of any state in the U.S. Stan Badz/PGA Tour via Getty Images; Maddie Meyer/PGA of America/Getty Images…

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wilco nienaber

1 Address WiIco’s hand position sits on the low side, which gives him a “squatty” look and lower center of gravity. This helps him remain athletic and “attached” to the ground—a true power base. 2 Takeaway My favorite piece of his swing. Wilco keeps the club in front of him on the takeaway. The club’s center of mass is outside his hands, which scientists have said is the most ideal way to achieve consistency. 3 Turn Wilco’s swing is pretty short for a guy who hits it as far as he does. You see a lot of bombers pick up their front heel, but Wilco remains stable to the ground, à la Jon Rahm and J.B. Holmes. There’s zero wasted movement in this wide yet compact swing. 4 Top Position A full shoulder turn gets Nienaber to…