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Golf Magazine July 2018

Golf Magazine is the number one source for golf instruction, equipment and travel, including: exclusive instruction from our Top 100 Teachers in America, introspective interviews with the game’s rising stars and old masters, and short-game tips from guru David Pelz. Plus, you’ll get the latest in gear, including ClubTest equipment reviews, and private lessons, tips personalized for your game.

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the future is now

Digital Reality could lead to more natural and intuitive ways for technology to better our lives and potentially change every aspect of them.—ALLAN COOK, managing director at Deloitte Consulting LLP What is the most exciting thing about the U.S. Open? Being there, of course. The chance to get an up-close view of the world’s greatest players, walk the grounds of iconic venues and see history unfold before your eyes is why attending the U.S. Open is a singular experience in the game. But what if the U.S. Open experience included not just being an observer, but a participant? The desire to give fans an inside look at the U.S. Open is what drives the collaboration between Deloitte and the USGA. The combined use of Digital Reality™ technologies—augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and…

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how to use the scan-it/see-it digital feature in this issue

HOW IT WORKS Invisible watermarks on select photos act as gateways to bonus videos. With the Digimarc app, your smartphone or tablet recognizes the watermarks and automatically delivers the content to your device. 1 Download and open the Digimarc Discover app on your smartphone or cameracapable tablet. The app is free and is available at the iTunes store for Apple devices and at the Google Play market for Android devices. 2 Position the phone four to seven inches above any photo bearing the yellow SCAN THIS PHOTO label (example, right), as if you were taking a picture (flash optional). If you have access to a Wi-Fi connection, downloads will be faster. 3 Hold the camera steady. The app will click and buzz when it recognizes the image and then begin downloading the described content…

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this month we’re covering all things putting. so we asked our readers for the truth about the putters in their bags:

Q: How long have you used your current putter? 18% Less than a year 38% 1-3 years 27% 4-10 years 17% More than 10 years At least 8 years. @CountDownDave How about less than 3 days? @MarkCalc Mark Calcavecchia Q: Do you have a pet name for your putter? Most days it’s “piece of garbage.” Once in a while it’s the best club in my bag. @DreadZombie8 My dad always says I should name it after myself. Because it always lets you down. @ajmcnair11 Ozzy, because he’s a rock star. @irishandy Sir Miss-a-Lot. @marioraez The “Manhattan Project” because I drop bombs on the green. @t_croom Mrs. Puttersworth. @kareemsdad eBay. Because when I miss too many that’s where they end up. Currently using eBay the fourth. @studiohuedesign Get Your Fix!Video tips now on Instagram and Twitter at@GolfFixFinder CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: ROSS KINNAIRD/R&A/R&A VIA GETTY IMAGES; GETTY IMAGES; EDDIE SANDERSON/MIRRORPIX/GETTY IMAGES; GETTY IMAGES…

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king content

IS GOLF MAGAZINE ONLY FOR OLDER GOLFERS? IT WAS THE BABY BUNCH THAT CRIED, “NO.” I PLAYED A TEAM event the weekend prior to this issue going to print, an annual 54-hole ramble in the Catskills, a few hours north of Manhattan. Nothing fancy, I assure you—the course and host resort were showing their age, to say nothing about many of the contestants. The teams usually consist of advertising sales reps andbrand marketers from the former publishing giant known as Time Inc. (this title’s previous owner) and their clientsturned-chums. As the lone participant from the editorial side of our business, I am cautiously welcomed, yet warmly involved. Over the course of two days we talk a bit of shop, but mostly stick to golf while navigating a dizzying array of playing…

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now on the tee: your raves, rants and reactions

WHICH MAY STORIES AND COLUMNS DREW THE MOST LETTERS? SENIOR SERVICE I was introduced to the game at the age of 12 and was hooked from the start. Although my romance with golf has gone through some rocky times—not the least of which involved a hypertechnical instruction series that deconstructed and reconstructed my swing to meet a variety of prescribed tolerances—I still love it. I now have a platonic relationship with the game, but my level of enjoyment is waning due to the loss of distance and diminishing performance brought on by aging. I find myself hitting fairway woods or hybrids on most par 4s, and GIRs are becoming far too rare. The May 2018 issue provided a “Private Lessons” tip for seniors. Helpful, but we senior golfers could use a bit more.…

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teeing off

“BURN” IS A FOURLETTER WORD There are plenty of reasons to visit Angus, Scotland. For one, you’ll finally not be at a loss when someone asks, “Where’s the beef?” But what really draws people to this cattle town is the Grade A golf at Carnoustie. Bisected (and then some) by the wending Barry Burn, the famously testy links—host to seven Open Championships, and an eighth beginning July 19—usually makes mincemeat of the pros. Ask Sergio, who carded a first-round 89 in 1999. Or Tiger, who, the same year, told a rowdy fan to eff off and got an “Up yours!” for his trouble. The burn has been even more inhospitable, especially on 18, where dreams become nightmares and the entire golf world learned to curse in French (p. 66).…