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Golf Magazine May 2018

Golf Magazine is the number one source for golf instruction, equipment and travel, including: exclusive instruction from our Top 100 Teachers in America, introspective interviews with the game’s rising stars and old masters, and short-game tips from guru David Pelz. Plus, you’ll get the latest in gear, including ClubTest equipment reviews, and private lessons, tips personalized for your game.

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how to use the scan-it/see-it digital feature in this issue

HOW IT WORKS Invisible watermarks on select photos act as gateways to bonus videos. With the Digimarc app, your smartphone or tablet recognizes the watermarks and automatically delivers the content to your device. 1 Download and open the Digimarc Discover app on your smartphone or camera capable tablet. The app is free and is available at the iTunes store for Apple devices and at the Google Play market for Android devices. 2 Position the phone four to seven inches above any photo bearing the yellow SCAN THIS PHOTO label (example, right), as if you were taking a picture (flash optional). If you have access to a Wi-Fi connection, downloads will be faster. 3 Hold the camera steady. The app will click and buzz when it recognizes the image and then begin downloading the described…

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golf digital

A perfect round of golf is any round I get to play with my brothers. We live 850 miles apart, so playing golf with them is a rare thing. @prolwing A perfect round is taking my six and eight year olds with me so they can start learning the lifetime benefits of the game of golf. Brad Chambers No one on the course before the sun goes down, and you’re by yourself with the sounds of nature and golf. Wind blowing, birds chirping, and my favorite sound of all time; my irons clinking together as I walk to the green after a perfect iron shot. @golf_matt The perfect round of golf feels effortless; everything just clicks. Though it’s over before you know it, memories of the round linger for years, and you keep chasing it until…

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flawless at heart

Your guides to the perfect round include a Tour vet, a two-time NBA champ and a golf-mad supermodel. I’LL LOG 30 or so rounds this year. Most will not be perfect. The game these days is a symphony of collected mediocrity: hooked tee shots, a run of three-putts, a sunburned neck that ultimately draws tsks-tsks from my registered-nurse wife. Perfect? Hardly. But all 30 begin with just such a notion. That everything will click. That for a day the stars will align, the pars will rack up and my foursome will walk off 18 singing in unison, “Damn, that was fun!” This isn’t the misguided pipe dream of a mid-handicap lunatic. The idea of a perfect day of golf is an aspiration to many, as common to grill and locker room conversations…

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now on the tee: your raves, rants and reactions

Back Pain 37% ClubTest 36% Michael Bamberger 11% Other 16% ACHES AND PAINS Congrats to GOLF’s Josh Sens for his in-depth analysis of the rising incidence of back issues among professional and competitive amateur golfers (“The Big Hurt,” March 2018). Over the 20 years I’ve spent as a spinal neurosurgeon, I’ve performed dozens of operations—mostly lumbar—on club pros in their late thirties to mid-forties, and I’ve seen many more whose MRI scans strongly suggested that they would eventually require surgery. So, as an experiment, I culled a dozen lumbar MRI scans from this group, eliminated all clinical data about the patients, placed the scans on a viewing box (or computer), and challenged my radiology colleagues to estimate the age of the patients in each scan. Without exception, the estimates were 10, 20 and even 30…

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we all love golf

A bedrock of relationships, a bastion of sportsmanship, golf is a sport—a wonderful sport—that often is so much more than just a sport. The game instills values in young players. Its rich history and tradition serve as a venerable backdrop to the stories we live together, golfing with family and close friends. For so many of us, the game ultimately provides the deep fulfillment of a long, well-lived journey. I have been fortunate to have a career that spans many fields and have cherished the chance over the last decade to combine my love of golf with opportunities in the business side of the game. Since 2007 it’s been a great honor to serve as Jack Nicklaus’s partner, and now as the executive chairman of the Nicklaus Companies. It’s a partnership that has…

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nobody does it “better”

Although Tiger Woods and Tour pro turned announcer Gary Koch never crossed paths in competition, their careers are forever intertwined. The tie that binds them took shape during the third round of the 2001 Players at TPC Sawgrass, where Tiger’s tee shot on the 17th found the back collar of the famous island green, leaving him with a 60-foot downhill sidewinder to a hole cut close to the front edge. This was not a putt for the faint of heart—in the group ahead, Fred Funk had just four-jacked from a similar spot—but this was Woods. “How’s that look?” Johnny Miller asked as Tiger’s ball began its long, slow descent. “Better than most,” Koch replied, a phrase he uttered twice more, with increasing urgency, as the ball continued its triple-breaking voyage…