Goodfellas men's magazine

Goodfellas men's magazine

June 2020

Goodfellas is a good magazine, so you can see exquisite and hot models, as many as 70% of our pages are full of girls. We also have real articles of hot stories, advice, sexuality and so many interesting topics for males.

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words from the editor

Hello Goodfellas. Our publishing house specialized in entertainment for men now brings you Goodfellas, an option to see girls, entertain yourself with men's themes and the odd erotic letter. We will be from this summer, until when you decide. We thank these photographers and models for giving us such wonderful photos. I hope you enjoy. Goodfellas Magazine has conditional use rights, but no property rights…The rights to the photos placed in this publication belong to 1233fr, and its various artistic photographers.…

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afraid of anal sex? i already lost it

I have always been fascinated with sex. I enjoy it however its anal sex that intrigues me the most. Even though I was curious about how it felt I never tried anal sex with any of my boyfriends. All of them, (and believe me I had 13) asked me to take one up the ass. I always refused. I was scared of the pain it caused as I had heard that it’s a very painful experience. I always ran away from it. One of my boyfriends broke up with me just because I wouldn’t try anal with him. After years of not liking it, one day I decided to give it a go. I was single back then so the best option for me was to use a sex toy. Just…

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liquor of the cursed poets

Are you a liquor lover and urge to experience tasting the bestselling liquor in the world? Well, the liquor history in this world has been remarkably amazing and surprising as well. This is because of the developments in the liquor and certain ingredients that makes it special from each other. There are certainly numerous types of liquor in this world and there so not doubt on the fact that several liquor lovers will to taste every type of it. Not only this, but every country and region in this world has a magic that is the major element in making the taste of the liquor remarkably different. Similarly, the Absinthe drink is special and one of the oldest types of liquor that is loved by the masses. Therefore, in this article,…

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bill gates robbery of steve jobs applause

The whole live saga of love and hate relationship between these two business tycoons goes back a long way. The rivalry goes back and forth and so does the respect each has. Did Gates Steal The GUI Technology? Well, apple filed a suit against Microsoft claiming that they have stolen their graphical user interface idea. The claimed that the parts used in the apple company’s IOs were adopted Microsoft. They further claimed that the interface was tad bit too similar to the one which apple came up with. They alleged them of copying their work, their IOs interface, the mackintosh operating software of apple. To strengthen their case apple further presented an elaborate list of features which were present in their product and the Microsoft actively copied it: features such as icons, multiple…

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nurse and exotic dancer

I always wanted to help people since I was a little girl. This is why I enrolled myself in a medical college and I was a very good student back in the day. Years passed and I started working as a nurse at one of the local hospitals. I spend my day helping people get better and caring for them so that they can get better. In the night I provide a different type of service. I care for people especially men in a very special way. I love caring for people at the hospital but I have more fun in exciting men with some exotic taste. At night I work as a striptease dancer. In the morning I work on other people’s body and in the night, men enjoy the…

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sugar daddy, it’s not that bad

When I was 24, my boyfriend of 5 years left me for another girl. It broke my heart. I trusted him blindly and he broke my trust. At that day it wasn’t just my heart that was broken but it broke me entirely. I sulked and sulked. I spent the next few days laying in bed and watching my ex boyfriends Facebook. He seemed very happy. He shared photos with the other girl. One day I was just sitting in the park next to my apartment and one of my neighbors saw me and sat next to me. We started talking. He was around 50. He started sharing his life experiences. He also told me how I can cope with the situation. We exchanged numbers and he told me that I could…