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Gourmet Traveller June 2020

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Each issue is packed with great dish ideas, hot restaurants and bars, entertaining tips, the best hotels and lavish spreads on some of the world’s most intoxicating travel destinations - everything you should expect from the Australia's premier food and travel magazine.

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what we’re eating

PORK LARB, GREEN AND RED CURRY Saturday afternoon was spent chopping and blitzing the most incredible produce from my Boon Luck Farm delivery to make fragrant curry pastes for this Thai feast. It included a green curry with apple eggplants, red curry with pumpkin and makrut lime leaves and green peppercorn, and a spicy pork larb. KARLIE VERKERK, DEPUTY EDITOR APPLE AND CARAMEL SPONGE PUDDING As soon as word went out that we could see friends again, I began planning my Sunday lunch menu, with this wickedly gooey pudding as the closing act. Paired with homemade custard, it is the ultimate comfort dessert. You can find the recipe in our latest cookbook Made for Comfort, on sale now. JOANNA HUNKIN, EDITOR TEMPEH WITH EDAMAME AND NOODLES After weeks of serious carb-loading it was time to…

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editor’s letter

As an eight-year-old, I once dramatically declared that spice was my enemy – an embarrassing incident my older brothers have never let me forget. We were dining in an American steakhouse at the time and my public declaration was brought on by the arrival of the condiments tray, complete with two types of Tabasco sauce. In actual fact, I had no issue with spice. What I did not enjoy was the mouth-numbing burn of straight Tabasco, which my brothers and I regularly goaded each other into tasting. Of course, not all spices are hot and even those that are can be dialled up or down to suit any personal palate. The secret is to experiment as you explore. For many, mastering the art of spice is a science; finding the exact balance that…

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what we’re drinking...

Hoshiko Original ume liqueur, $87 This delicately spiced Japanese plum liqueur from Black Market Sake is an ideal winter aperitif. Tart ume gets a warm hug from a touch of cinnamon spice. Kanpai! @jordisnacks Small-batch Negroni Baby Coffee Co. 500ml, $55 If there’s one pivot that needs to continue when lockdown is lifted, it’s the ability to pick up your favourite cocktail along with your morning coffee. Genius. @hunkies_news Carussin Completo 3L bag & box Rosso, $73 Goon is back, baby! This easy-drinking three-litre blend of Barbera, Dolcetto and Grignolino is a fine example of cask wine done well. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want wine on tap? @karlie_verkerk…

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KITTI GOULD photographer New tricks, p52 Internationally noted food photographer Kitti Gould has a deep passion for all things food – right down to producers, foragers and farmers. Joined by a number of respected chefs, Gould travelled to Thailand on an agricultural odyssey to capture Palisa Farm and the local delicacies it yields. “From street food to farm feasts, this was a truly immersive journey into culture and community through food.” AARON TURNER chef Turn up the heat, p90 Before Aaron Turner opened Geelong’s wood-fire powered restaurant, Igni, he spent a couple of years in Nashville, Tennessee mastering a different kind of heat: hot fried chicken. We venture back to the Deep South with Turner via his new cookbook and its spice-fuelled recipes. “I’ve tried to keep it all as close to the…

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restaurant news

SYDNEY Restaurants are continuing to ride out restrictions with impressive ingenuity, as fine dining establishments join the at-home-dining side-step. The Bentley Group’s stable of four restaurants are each doing individual take-home menus, complete with wine pairing suggestions by sommelier Nick Hildebrandt and a Spotify playlist to accompany the evening. “We have specifically designed these menus and dishes to travel well, which was our major challenge,” says co-owner Brent Savage. Italian restaurant I Maccheroni is also adding some extra pizazz to at-home-dining, partnering with sought after florist Susan Avery, to deliver packages of luxe food accompanied by bespoke flower arrangements. Lennox Hastie is also championing Fireshop, where you can buy almost-ready meals (including his signature pipis with XO and karkalla), alongside produce boxes and pantry staples. Other fresh takes on at-home-dining worth…

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chefs reflect

We asked chefs and restaurateurs what they miss about restaurants and the places they’ll visit when things return to normal. Clayton Wells, chef-owner, A1 Canteen and Automata, NSW “We have a regular who comes into A1 and orders the same prawn sandwich every day. Every day. It’s the small things you remember, those friendships and interactions you make. My partner Tania [Fergusson] and I miss just being able to stop in at a friend’s restaurant and have a few snacks, a chat, and a glass of wine. When we return to normal, I’ll probably go to 10 William St or Ester and sit at the counter – my favourite spot is anywhere I can see the kitchen.” Eileen Horsnell, head chef, Napier Quarter, Vic “Our last Saturday service feels like it was about a…