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GQ Australia August 2015

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editor’s letter

For both sides of politics, 2015 has been a roller-coaster ride with potential leadership spills and a contentious budget reflecting the job’s ongoing Machiavellian nature. As Federal Parliament is set to return, I totally appreciate the need to prioritise the big issues, but one still remains unresolved – one that’s already been decided in the minds of most Australians. I’m talking about marriage equality. Recent polls have between 68 and 75 per cent of the country in favour of legalising gay marriage, and advocacy group Australian Marriage Equality believes we’re only a few members short of a majority in the House of Representatives. Day-by-day, more MPs are coming out, so to speak, to voice their reformed stance on the issue. Indeed, Opposition leader Bill Shorten’s intention to introduce a same-sex marriage…

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substance and the fame that dare not speak its name

There’s this artist. His name is Banksy. Yeah, you’ve heard of him – he’s famous, almost to the point of tired cliché. His book is a bestseller. He has legions of fans talking about his work on websites. His Warhol-inspired Kate Moss portrait fetched $194,000. If someone finds one of his works on an alleyway-wall of their crappy warehouse, the property value rockets by 10 per cent. But the truly remarkable thing about him is that nobody has any idea who he is. This is no mean feat. Among his artistic achievements are a vision of paradise stencilled onto a security wall in Palestine and tagging the inside of an elephant enclosure in Barcelona Zoo. Bold public creative expressions, executed under cover of night, that leave an admiring public scratching their…

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CHRISTOPHER MORRIS PHOTOGRAPHER “Benedict was a real sweet, cool guy, which makes our job all that much easier,” says Morris of his shoot with the younger Samuel brother (p148). “Big things to come for this lad, I reckon.” Couldn’t agree more. SO, ANY POINTERS FOR TAKING BETTER PHOTOS? Use something other than a phone. MAKES SENSE. WHAT ABOUT BREAKING INTO THE INDUSTRY? Shoot what you love as often as you can. Schools and courses can be a good place to learn the basics, and assisting your contemporaries gives you a great insight into the realities of the job. WHAT KIT DO PEOPLE NEED TO GET STARTED? Not much, and it’s so affordable these days. Get yourself a camera, lens, laptop and software, and you’re underway. WHAT DO YOU USE? For personal work, I’ll still shoot film on my Mamiya ‘RZ67’.…

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what’s new on gqaustralia.com.au

STYLE TIME FOR A SARTORIAL OVERHAUL? BE IT SUITING UP OR ACING CASUAL-COOL ON THE WEEKEND, WE’VE PUT TOGETHER STYLE FILES OF THE BEST-DRESSED MEN IN THE GAME, ON AND OFF THE RED CARPET. GIRLS Check out all of this year’s Sports Illustrated ‘Swimsuit’ issue hopefuls (plus the ladies we think should make the cut). Who gets your vote to be the next Kate Upton? Regardless, winter never looked so damn hot. FITNESS Embrace our step-by-step workouts and insider trainer tips, guaranteed to get you looking good and feeling great before the start of spring. EVENTS: THE BEST MOMENTS FROM THE EMMYS AND VMAS SPORT: ALL THE ACTION AND COURTSIDE CELEBS FROM THE US OPEN FILM: WHY WE’LL BE WATCHING FANTASTIC FOUR (YOU SHOULD TOO) PLUS GQ’S GROOM GUIDE WITH PLENTY OF ADVICE FOR TYING THE KNOT @GOaustralia PHOTOGRAPHY: GIUSEPPE SANTAMARIA; GETTY IMAGES.…

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STAR LETTER I have been a regular GQ reader for a long time, but every now and again the latest fashions come second to real stories. I was taken aback by the transparency of Nick Smith’s editor’s letter, and I rode on every word. Well done to Nick for sharing such personal insights and reminding us there are more important things in life than seasonal trends. AMOS, VIA EMAIL Thanks for your letter. It’s true that life’s challenges, more than anything, are what make us who we are. By sharing our experiences, we can work to change things for the better, for everybody, and I think that’s the best version of being a gentleman. Meg Mason’s ‘SheQ’ column calling on dads to be just that is fantastic. Perfect and on point! DANIEL, VIA TWITTER Couldn’t agree…

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ezra miller

Like a favourite song coming over the radio, or discovering $20 in your pocket, watching Miller on screen is an unexpected thrill. He captures attention, rather than demands it – he’s cool but unconventionally so, selective in his roles but successful, too. Need proof? 2012’s The Perks of Being a Wallflower won over critics, then nearly tripled its budget. And there’s plenty more where that came from. This month, he’s in Amy Schumer’s comedy Trainwreck, and when not busy touring with his band (Sons of an Illustrious Father) or appearing in operas (composer Philip Glass’White Raven), he’s also comic-book superhero The Flash in the upcoming blockbuster Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, with a stand-alone spin-off due 2018. In short, we’ll be seeing much more of Miller in the future. For fans of…