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GQ Australia March - April 2017

GQ is the essential style guide for modern men, from grooming tips to fashion details, seductive menus to great travel ideas and the latest bars in which to drink and be seen. GQ Australia is a provocative mix of the very best writing, strong visuals and an unrivalled sense of achievement, intelligence and irreverence, the ultimate urban men's tip-sheet. It's the pinnacle of the premium men's lifestyle magazine market and covers style, culture, entertainment, tech, health, sport, luxury and life.

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the editor’s letter

Hold the peach in your hand”, she said. “Now, feel the peach. Does it feel cold, warm, or neutral in your palm? Gently roll the peach in your fingers and feel the soft fur of its skin. Just like your skin. Now, close your eyes and place it to your mouth. Can you feel the fuzz tickle your lips? Now, take a bite. Just… one… bite… of the peach. Let the peach juice drip on to your mouth and lips. Hold the juicy piece of peach on your tongue. And savour it.” Sounds like a scene from ’80s erotic thriller 9½ Weeks, doesn’t it? In fact, it’s direct dialogue delivered to me (peach in hand) from my mindfulness coach at the Sydney Buddhist Centre. Many of you who’ve read my letter…

3 min

TIM ASHTON PHOTOGRAPHED THE DEVON TERRELL FASHION SHOOT; PAGE 126 How did Terrell hold up in front of the camera? He was amazing. I was worried this guy wouldn’t be able to move. Despite little-to-no sleep after coming straight off a flight from New York, he was as energetic and fun as any subject I’ve ever photographed. Do you have a go-to conversation starter to get people in the groove? Not really. I just try to get to know someone and make them feel important. It’s always just questions about them and what they are interested in. Terrell was in relaxed dress wear. What’s your idea of dress-down style? Suit pants, linen T-shirt, sneakers. Can’t really beat that, especially on hot summer days. The best and worst things about being a photographer? Best things: making beautiful pictures, working with…

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behind the scenes

You can’t fake the vast sky, hazy horizons and unique accent of the bush. That was the lure for this bunch of GQ city kids who made for Longreach, Queensland, to create the cover story with Jai Courtney. For those involved, spending a few days here meant an opportunity to engage with a landscape that while familiar, we often overlook in favour of another Euro jaunt. Like school camp – except with legal booze – the GQ bus (OK, flight) arrived to a reception as warm as the heat. This is a town of resilience and reinvention – the parched land has meant ongoing economic hardships, though from that has also sprung success in positioning the place as a beacon to tourists wanting to experience outback Australia. This is a land where dinosaurs…

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gq online

GQ FIT Get fitter, faster and stronger with our exclusive series of Samsung 60 second workouts, devised by GQ’s team of experts. GQ TASTE Cocktail-making series Learn the art of mixing damn good drinks from the best in the business, including Sam Edgerton and Toby Marshall from Sydney’s Charlie Parker’s. COMING SOON TO GQ.COM.AU BASELWORLD 2017 IS HERE We’re on the ground to report the emerging trends from the world’s biggest watch fair. AUTUMN STYLE Your exclusive front-row seat to the GQ runway show at Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival. SEE MORE FROM OUR EXCLUSIVE COVER SHOOT WITH JAI COURTNEY IN THE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK. Follow us @GQAustralia Tag us #GQAustralia…

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Congratulations on publishing such a fantastic magazine every month. It’s one of the few remaining publications that hits the mark. Well done. Being a new dad myself, your tips on how to cope with the adjustment in lifestyle have come in very handy. What an eye-opening experience it’s been going from dinners and drinks out on the town to changing nappies and having my favourite pair of chinos covered in puréed carrot. Anyway, thanks again for the amazing job you do. Keep it up. BEN JONES, VIA EMAIL Not just this issue but every issue I relish the afternoon commute and feel no shame in reading a “men’s mag” on the train because it provides me instant entertainment and inspiration and subtle hints to take home and drop to my other half! JULIA…

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jamie dornan love

@gqaustralia that beard doe. THE KHANSULTANT, VIA INSTAGRAM Amazing! JAMIE DORNAN, ONLINE VIA INSTAGRAM I need this magazine with Jamie Dornan! LONI FERGUSON, VIA INSTAGRAM Thank you so much for having Jamie on the cover of this magazine! VASHTI HERBERT, VIA INSTAGRAM I’m serious. I fell in love with every corner. LETICIA GOLDBERG, VIA INSTAGRAM Our Portuguese might be a bit out here, but we appreciate the sentiment. Excellent way to start 2016 with that cover. EDITH CULLEN GREY, VIA INSTAGRAM Cullen Grey, hey? We sense a stalker in the making. Write to win For the chance to win a The Critical Slide Society surf pack, worth about $600, tell us what you think of the issue. Email editorial@gq.com.auor for more information, head to GQ.com.au/win.thecriticalslidesociety.com…