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GQ Australia May 2017

GQ is the essential style guide for modern men, from grooming tips to fashion details, seductive menus to great travel ideas and the latest bars in which to drink and be seen. GQ Australia is a provocative mix of the very best writing, strong visuals and an unrivalled sense of achievement, intelligence and irreverence, the ultimate urban men's tip-sheet. It's the pinnacle of the premium men's lifestyle magazine market and covers style, culture, entertainment, tech, health, sport, luxury and life.

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the editor’s letter

OK. Listen. I ‘turned’ 40. Yep. 40. Why is ‘turned’ the verb we use? No one says you ‘reached’ 40, you ‘made’ 40, or you ‘arrived’ at 40. Rather than these more re-affirming terms, the milestone is described more like the two-week old skim milk in my fridge, or like the weather, or a bad economy. I’ve ‘turned’. Perhaps it’s because being in your thirties is so wonderfully ambiguous in terms of expectations of what you’re supposed to be or where you’re going. Whereas, at 40, you’re expected to have it all down and know what’s what. I think I’ve passed this so-called ‘meridian-dateline’ of life relatively unscathed – I haven’t bought a motorbike, had an affair, nor, clearly, have I chucked in the day-job and joined a middle-aged-off-grid commune. Though…

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NICK RYAN WROTE ABOUT STARTING A DECENT WINE CELLAR: PAGE 68 Your professional bio claims that you’re not only a wine writer, but a bon vivant and raconteur. I think I was drunk when I let someone write that – must attend to it so I sound less of a tosser. Speaking of which, how do we get over being one when we sniff wine? I sense a theme developing here. Just remember 90 per cent of what you perceive in a wine comes through the olfactory senses – so do you want to be the wanker with his nose deep in a glass, or the wanker who spends $50 on a bottle and only gets $5 worth of enjoyment? What’s your go-to for home quaffing? Riesling for whites and Grenache for red. Try Pewsey Vale Riesling…

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the roots of australian style

GQ X LOUIS VUITTON IN CAPE TOWN Videographer Steven Michelsen was on hand to capture our South African adventure. Here is what he had to say. THE POWER OF VIDEO CONTENT “It was always inevitable that tech and data would become so abundant at some point, and I think we’ve reached that moment, along with the consumer trying to feel a part of a project from start to finish.” THE KEY TO A GOOD VIDEO “It might be the smallest feature, but don’t over edit it – let the cinematography talk. Bounce ideas off other artistic guys around you and remember: light, light, light.” THE KIT “I started with the original Canon 7D but slowly worked my way up to the RED Weapon of late, but that’s way down the line for anybody starting their career. There’s…

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the best places to…

HAINS & CO This hidden-away, nautical-themed gem is worth pulling out the compass for. Also delivers in the beer category and save room for a feed as well – the Cuban sandwich is a killer. Must drink: Sweet or spicy white rum. Open 4pm-2am; 23 Gilbert Place, Adelaide; hainsco.com.au CLEVER LITTLE TAILOR A smart brick-and-stone den with high ceilings and a mezzanine makes this tiny space seem quite splendid. Mean cocktails, bang-on wines and the beers are flowing and frothie. Must drink: Gin martini. Open Mon-Sat ,4-11pm; 19 Peel St, Adelaide; cleverlittletailor.com.au…

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Great to see an Aussie men’s magazine willing to ask the hard questions in this month’s “State of Man” cover feature. TARANG CHAWLA, VIA FACEBOOK It was a pleasure having you in the mag, Tarang. We’re chuffed you liked the feature. Really love the cover, it’s very strong and clean. The Q&A with Deng Adut is also a good read. What an amazing guy he is. Great job! GERALD, VIA EMAIL GQ is SLICK this month! Love all the fash, and the extreme sports coverage of course. NINA, VIA EMAIL Jai Courtney is the best (saludos de Panama). MIGUEL, VIA INSTAGRAM Thanks Miguel from Panama. You have just made my day so much better. Thanks for posting this hotness!! SONYA, VIA INSTAGRAM Very nice. I’m thinking all Australians are hot at this point... RACHEL, VIA INSTAGRAM Correct. Extraordinary as always... Change nothing Jai Courtney! LILY, VIA…

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the agenda

Journalists often highlight just how untrustworthy politicians are. They lie, they spin, they break promises. But we’re not exactly doing all that well in the trust stakes, either. According to a recent global survey, the Edelman Trust Barometer, trust in the Australian media fell 10 points to just 32 per cent last year. Another poll, conducted by Essential Research, ranked us second-last in a list of trustworthy industries – slightly above the power companies, but behind builders, phone companies and the banks. Yes, the banks. Where’s the love? The truth is our trust has been dwindling for years. And while these latest polls aren’t a surprise, that’s not to say they should be ignored. Rebuilding our trust is crucial because without trust in the media, it’s too easy for politicians to brush off…