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GQ Australia November 2017

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the agenda

One of the most ancient Christian songs begins ‘Ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est’ – ‘Where there is charity and love, God is there’. For many Christians this sums up everything. We are, after all, the religion that has love as the definition of God in our scriptures. So, many of us ask, why are some of our co-religionists so aggressively opposing marriage equality? Marriage equality is a no-brainer for most Christians. There is the deep love of friendship of the couple. There is the erotic love they share. There is family love that gathers around them. There is, also, the journey of love in their hopes, joys, sadness and troubles. When we see LGBTQI couples – what we see, ultimately, is love. So there is only one path for us –…

2 min
set and forget hair

THE LONDON THROW FORWARD Nominated by Danny and Matthew Semrany, the barbers behind the new Ol’Bastards range, texture is king in this look best worn by an off-duty Cillian Murphy. BRIEF THE STYLIST “Sides must be cut to a number two or shorter with a fade optional. Hair from the crown forward is textured with a blunt fringe that’s slightly longer. This will be the focal point when the hair is pushed down.” CREATE THE LOOK AT HOME “Apply Ol’Bastards ‘Volume Dust’, $29 (30ml), to bone dry hair and work it in while pushing the hair forward creating weight in the fringe.” THE PRECISE IN DISGUISE Chris Pratt is a master of this style, straddling elegance with just enough relaxation to avoid looking uptight. “What makes it great is its simplicity and outgoing precision, without…

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four seasons to get into

MR ROBOT Rami Malek returns as hacker Elliot Alderson, in the series that made him a household name – and added an Emmy Award to his mantelpiece. The 10-episode third season promises to overlap with current events – including the impact of Donald Trump’s rise in the US. Because the guy just doesn’t get enough TV coverage these days. MR ROBOT AIRS ON SHOWCASE FROM OCTOBER 12 THE WALKING DEAD The post-apocalyptic ratings juggernaut is set to hit screens for season eight. The last instalment might have opened with Glenn’s brutal murder, but considering this one is based on the All Out War volumes of the comic series, it’s probably not much of a spoiler to say things are unlikely to be any less bloodthirsty. THE WALKING DEAD AIRS ON FX FROM OCTOBER 23 STRANGER THINGS Last…

2 min
the fit list

THE KIT Anyone who didn’t know it’s 30 years since Colombian road racing legend Lucho ’El jardinerito’ Herrera won the 1987 Vuelta a España, you’re in for a nice surprise – Rapha figured it a great opportunity to drop its new ‘Colombia’ collection. Because everyone knows the Colombians are often at the top of the pelotons (hi 2013 Tour de France runner-up Nairo Quintana). With a reputation for stylish, high-performance cycling clothing, the collection comprises six pieces; our picks include this king of the mountains jersey ($255) and cap ($45) . RAPHA.CC THE TECH Swimming while listening to music has been a thing for a few years, but we’ve never embraced it for fear of electrocuting ourselves. But these ‘Dash Pro’ wireless earphones by Bragi have us ready to dive into the deep…

3 min
the gospel according to father john misty

By his own admission, Josh Tillman is not great at explaining himself in person. Fortunately, as a songwriter, the man you probably know as Father John Misty has a gift for condensing everyday truths and delivering them with an observational sharpness so astute, you could say he’s a latter-day prophet for this, the year 2017AD. In April this year, Tillman released Pure Comedy, his third studio album under the Misty moniker. Previous projects include solo outfit, J.Tillman, and playing drums for indie bands Fleet Foxes and Saxon Shore. Pure Comedy offers wry, often darkly funny, observations of the world. And among references to pop culture, social media and Taylor Swift, the title track also touched on politics (“Where did they find these goons they elected to rule them?”) and religion (“How’s…

1 min
fire within

Lennox Hastie, chef and owner of Sydney’s internationally acclaimed Firedoor, is a creation of the Michelin-star school of culinary craft who’s downed the tweezers to reconnect with the art of cooking over fire. With the release of a lavish new book, Finding Fire – Cooking at its most elemental, we sat down for a brief chat to nail some decent barbecue tips. Why fire? “Fire’s the most fundamental yet challenging method of cooking,” says Hastie. “It’s cooking that makes us truly human and this all began with fire. The beauty of fire lies in its ability to reveal the true nature of an ingredient.” Ahead of a season that sees men stood about outside with tongs, beer in hand, over an open-flamed barbecue – what are your top tips? 1. Keep it simple. 2.…