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GQ Australia September - October 2017

GQ is the essential style guide for modern men, from grooming tips to fashion details, seductive menus to great travel ideas and the latest bars in which to drink and be seen. GQ Australia is a provocative mix of the very best writing, strong visuals and an unrivalled sense of achievement, intelligence and irreverence, the ultimate urban men's tip-sheet. It's the pinnacle of the premium men's lifestyle magazine market and covers style, culture, entertainment, tech, health, sport, luxury and life.

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the editor’s letter

Looking back, I should never have turned my phone notifications on. Every morning my alarm goes off and I reach for the bedside table, only to find the real wake-up call is seeing what’s been happening overnight, in the good old US of A. You see, news alerts have become somewhat of an obsession for me, ever since a certain real estate mogul-turned reality TV show host decided he wanted to play politics. And I know I’m not alone here. American presidential campaigns have always had a certain showbiz quality to them, but this one was downright gruelling. Every day, it seemed there was some new revelation; a new twist in the story so shocking that even West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin couldn’t have scripted it better. And I was hooked;…

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OLIVIA HARDING FASHION EDITOR What are your top three moments from fashion weeks, and why? 1. Loulou restaurant with Patrick Demarchelier. There’s only one Patrick. 2. The Prada show – it’s always magical. 3. Sitting opposite Aziz Ansari and dancing along to The Beatles at Paul Smith. Two wardrobe essentials every man should own? A great leather jacket and a pair of RM Williams boots. The best thing about your job? The opportunity to travel and meet / work with photographers whose work I have long admired. Is it possible to predict ‘trends’? And if so, how? Yes, of course. Read GQ, we’ll get you clued up. What fashion advice would you offer any gent who asked for some? Choose fit and comfort over fashion. There is nothing more awkward than looking pained or uncomfortable. The most prominent thing about James Franco on set? James…

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gq directory

Huxtaburger Another legend of the new wave of burgers from the crew that once had hatted restaurant Huxtable. Must order: Bill’s, a grass-fed beef patty, bacon, egg, pineapple, beetroot, cheese, mustard, mayo, tomato sauce, tomato, lettuce and pickles. 106 Smith St, Collingwood (and Prahran, CBD, Eastland and Hawthorn) 8bit A tribute to the pixels of the arcade-game past. 8bit is a modern take on old-school fish ‘n’ chip shops kids across the country used to hang out in for a bit of arcade downtime along with a burger. Must order: The After Burner, a fiery ride of beef, tomato, red onion, lettuce, cheese, chilli sauce, jalapeños, mustard and chipotle mayo. 8 Droop St, Footscray (and CBD)…

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This issue gave me an escape from the everyday, helped me relax and had a lot of great information and advice to help better myself and my life. Thanks.Jay, via email Every month I eagerly await the arrival of GQ Australia. But to my shock, after seeing the cover I discovered that Barnaby Joyce would be featuring in this month’s issue. I wasn’t getting my hopes up for an insightful article to stimulate my mind. But, you know what? I actually found myself liking Mr Joyce. Yes, me – a socially progressive, gay, Labor-voting young man, found himself sympathising with his antithesis. You really gave an insightful understanding of the man – and early on in the piece it was easy to see why he garners so much support in rural regions…

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‘access’ isn’t a key to truth, often it is a buffer against it

There’s one word that stands between people knowing the truth about virtually all areas of life – ‘access’. This is the ability of the media to stay on the inside of a story by being able to talk to the powerful. But it often comes with a heavy cost. One where there’s an entire industry that enforces the rules of the game. A game from which the reader, viewer or listener often gets removed. Increasingly it is this ‘access’ that governs so much of what you see in the media and is a big reason behind what you don’t. They used to say a reporter is only as good as their contact book; a reference to who they knew and their ability to get the inside word on a story. Now…

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blade runner 2049

“We built almost everything... It was pretty amazing to walk onto those sets.” It’s already dark in LA, but Denis Villeneuve is still on set. This is the pointy-end of production, the phase when sound and visual effects are tweaked and re-tweaked and, hopefully, everything finally all comes together. It’s been a 13-hour day. “We’re running towards the finish line,” he says. “It’s the last step, but it’s really crucial. To make the shot look good is not that difficult, but we want to make it look great – something that will make a statement. But it’s the fun part, it’s the icing on the cake.” The cake, of course, is Blade Runner 2049 . Rumoured to be in the works since at least 2009, the sequel has been through a few different…