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made in the usa

The phrase, “American made” or “Made in the USA,” isn’t always as easy to define as the shorelines and borders that make up the land under the purview of Old Glory. From a manufacturing perspective, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) mandates that “all” or “virtually all” significant parts—and processes—be made and assembled in the United States. Those parameters are pretty definitive, right? If you want to fly the “Made in the USA” flag on your product, then you need to toe the line. The United States government, however, has a relaxed set or parameters courtesy of President Hoover nearly a century ago. The Buy American Act requires the U.S. Government to buy only American-made goods “whenever possible,” but under the Act, any product assembled in the U.S. with more than 50 percent…

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.338 it can do almost anything. winchester magnum

HISTORICAL NOTES Announced in 1958, the .338 Winchester Magnum is another in the series based on the .458 Winchester necked down. Initially available only in the Winchester Model 70 Alaskan bolt-action rifle, Remington adopted it for the 700 Series bolt-action. Some of the European rifle makers also chamber it, as does Ruger for the Model 77 and No. 1 rifles, as well as many custom and semi-custom rifles. Browning’s autoloader, lever- and pumpaction rifles also chamber it. GENERAL COMMENTS GENERAL COMMENTS With proper bullets, the .338 Winchester Magnum shoots almost as flat across 500 yards as similar loads in the various .30-caliber magnums—the difference amounts to only a few inches more drop. Designed to handle the heaviest North American big game, the .338 has also done well in Africa on the larger varieties…

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a vital piece of the equation

My father and I were on a Cape buffalo hunt in Tanzania’s fabled Selous Reserve, having a great time watching the trackers work their magic as we followed a group of dugga boys across the hard, stony ground. Mesmerized by the fact that they saw the spoor so clearly, and I could recognize nothing at all, I kept hearing a soft, metallic “click” behind me. I turned around to see my father’s face—reddening with frustration. The rear ring of the Winchester Model 70 .458 Winchester Magnum had come dreadfully loose. Not wanting to speak too loudly and spook the bulls, I helped him remove the scope so he could at least use the iron sights in a pinch. From that day forward, I vowed to use the best bases and rings money…

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timney fixes the glock

I want to preface this information by saying: I’m not a Glock guy. This doesn’t mean the Glock pistol isn’t a good handgun, and it also doesn’t mean that I know nothing about Glocks. During my 13-year tenure in law enforcement, I carried a variety of Glocks on and off duty. I was a Glock armorer, I trusted them and even used them to compete in Glock-sanctioned pistol matches … and won. Glocks are just not my handgun of choice. Some consider this as damnation for the plastic pistol, but that’s not the case. I also don’t like Ford automobiles—it’s called “personal preference.” One of the reasons I’m not particularly fond of Glock pistols is their trigger. I don’t like the way it feels when I pull it, and I’m not sold on…

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the ‘reasonable person’ doctrine

“Come on, man. Be reasonable!” How many times have we heard those words? Everyone likes to think they’re being reasonable, but in the world of the courtroom, being reasonable means something very specific. “What would a reasonable and prudent person, knowing what you knew at the time, have done under the same circumstances?” The above sentence is an explanation of the reasonable person doctrine, and while different states will change the wording slightly, they basically will all fall within this statement. When a person is arrested and prosecuted for a crime following an act of self-defense, it’ll be up to you and your defense team to attempt to convince the jury that your actions were reasonable under the circumstances. Now, there are all types of legal points (stand your ground, affirmative defense, burden of…

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made in the usa

01 Winchester M70 Long Range Still cherished among the all-time best rifle designs, Winchester recently aimed the classic Model 70 at precision shooters. As the Long-Range model suggests, the rifle is decked out to maximize its range. To that end, it all begins with Bell and Carlson composite stock. Boasting an internal aluminum bedding block, the stock has an air-tight mate-up with the receiver and has a few little enhancements to milk the most out of the system—including lower vents to aid barrel cooling and a wide, flat fore to stabilize on a rest. While precision is the Model 70’s focus, the rifle is still fieldready—coming in at less than 8 pounds, making it ideal for long-range hunts. Available in eight calibers, the revamped 70 hits the mark. MSRP: Starting at $1,550 02Mystery…