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new gear, weird year

Per my recollection, I’ve printed the phrase “supply chain” and “ammo shortage” during the past 12 months more than any other time in the history of Gun Digest. And from an economic perspective (OK, from nearly every perspective) what a weird 12 months it has been: Manufacturers are pinched somewhere between ramped-up demand and bottlenecked supply chains … there’s that damned phrase again. And for the consumer, well, it seems like the only word we cannot use to describe the current state of things is “guarantee,” and I think getting what we wanted when we wanted it was something we all had previously gotten used to. In your hands right now is Gun Digest’s annual Buyer’s Guide and, despite the severity of the collective weirdness we’re all facing, there are definitely some…

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.338 lapua magnum (8.58✖71mm)

HISTORICAL NOTES In 1983, Research Armament Co. in the U.S. began development of a new long-range sniper cartridge capable of firing a 250-grain, .338-inch diameter bullet at 3,000 fps. After preliminary experiments, a .416 Rigby case necked down to .338 inch was selected. Brass Extrusion Labs Ltd. (then of Bensenville, Illinois) made the cases, Hornady produced bullets and Research Armament built the gun under contract for the U.S. Navy. Subsequently, Lapua and Norma put this cartridge into production. It’s now a CIP standard chambering, because CIP and SAAMI have reciprocal agreements in place (at least in theory) that make this a standard SAAMI chambering as well. GENERAL COMMENTS You have to burn a lot of powder to launch a 250-grain bullet at 3,000 fps. The .338 Lapua Magnum, as it’s known commercially, or the 8.58x71mm,…

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learning how to learn

Mindset—the mental attitude or inclination of someone as it relates to self-defense—is discussed a lot, and rightly so. As Col. Jeff Cooper so astutely observed, “Man fights with his mind.” One aspect of this that doesn’t receive enough attention is mindset as it relates to attending firearms training schools. Having spent a good part of my life in firearms training classes provided by the military, law enforcement and private schools, I’ve found that some students who attend these courses are more interested in showing off than learning. They treat courses as an opportunity to exhibit their skills. In some cases, maybe these arrogant students actually do know more and even have more experience than the instructor. But that doesn’t matter; the goal of participating in a training course is to learn. You…

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3-d printed tools to fit any suppressor

Ever need a tool, only to find out there seems not be any for that specific task? Or the manufacturer is temporarily out? Welcome to the club. When it comes to suppressors, and disassembly of the same, you’re pretty much locked in. If you buy the Whiz-Bang suppressor, then the W-B Co. LLC is likely the only company that makes the tools to take them apart. Well, almost. Warren Innovative Technologies makes 3-D printed suppressor tools to fit any suppressor. No, really. By my count, 33 different spanners, sockets, splined or cap-fitting tools. These are all made from injection-mold grade ABS, but 3-D printed. Where there are pins needed, the pins are held in place during the printing process, so they’re firmly held by the finished product. “The two big advantages of the…

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always protecting your own six

One positive reason for this buyer’s guide issue of Gun Digest is to give new gun buyers a condensed look at all the new self-defense handguns and other gear necessary to turn one into a competent armed citizen. When a person makes that decision, though, they might not be aware of the legal consequences of being a newly armed citizen. “So, gun owners: Find yourself a reputable trainer and invest in yourself, for both you and your family’s sake. When fate picks you to be involved in that life-or-death encounter, you’ll be glad you did.” There’s a ripe old saying, “I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by six.” Well, personally, I’d rather not fulfill either of those options … and I don’t feel I will have to. Why? Because I’ve…

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gear to get

01 Henry Single-Shot Shotgun Don’t discount the single-shot shotgun—there’s no better trainer for youth hunters, nor a more affordable and solid option for the field. While Henry’s Single-Shot scatterguns aren’t brand new for 2021, they certainly deserve mention in any buyer’s guide. Available in 12- and 20-gauge, as well as .410 bore, the smoothbore features a rebounding hammer, ambidextrous release lever, brass-bead front sight, extractor and plenty of walnut. Henry offers its 12-gauge models with 3½-inch chambers, and 20-gauge and .410 with 3-inch chambers. All models come with the choice of 26- or 28-inch barrels. Additionally, Henry offers a rifled model, completely drilled and tapped receiver—if you need a deer season option. Also, yes, you can get the smoothbores with blued or brass receivers. MSRP: Starting at $525 02 Stoeger S8000-E Tac Suppressed…