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an endless supply of gear

Nothing epitomizes Southern hunting like the Squirrel Master Classic, an annual event hosted by Gamo in Alabama that brings together outdoor writers and TV show hosts for a single day of squirrel hunting. I had the opportunity recently to hunt on a team with Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo from Archer’s Choice, and although we ended up placing third behind Michael Waddell and the Bone Collector crew, I became a convert to Gamo’s new .22-caliber Whisper Fusion Mach 1 air rifle. Not only was the air rifle incredibly quiet, it proved incredibly effective and lethal on squirrels. With the help of a few experts from Gamo, we ended up with the right rifle for a particular hunting application. It pays to have an expert opinion. I also had the chance at the…

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2016 new handguns

Who doesn’t like new innovations on old styles like the 1911 and Single Action Army? There are also a few totally new pistol designs that push the envelope on economics and design while incorporating new technology. There are also a few revivals, great guns that shooters can’t live without. Have at it. CZ USA The CZ Tactical Sport Orange (MRSP: $1,784) is a refined competition pistol with a slim trigger guard, revised grip geometry, thumb safety, fully adjustable sights and SAO trigger. It is available in 9mm and .40 S&W with a 20+1 and 16+1 capacity, respectively. ( AREX The Arex Rex Zero 1 is a totally new design made in Slovenia using an all-metal frame, with 17+1 9mm capacity, in a full size pistol. The Rex is a classically styled semi-automatic with an…

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2016 new ammo

Faster, flatter, cleaner, more stopping power. And more fun. You wanted those features in your ammo, and manufacturers listened. They’ve put out a slew of new offerings this year, and shooters everywhere are giddy at the thought of feeding their guns with these new and improved options. A few new names are even showing up on the ammo shelves, too. That means you’ve got more choices than ever. If that doesn’t make you want to head to the range and try a few of the newest offerings, then maybe it’s time to sell your guns. AMERICAN EAGLE SYNTECH Shooters who spend a lot of time at the range will appreciate the new Syntech round from American Eagle. Bullets are coated with a red polymer instead of the typical copper jacket. It reduces friction,…

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new long guns for 2016

The SHOT Show new firearm class of 2016 was a diversified collection of guns for almost every discipline, from competition shooting to backyard plinking to big game hunting and waterfowling. The annual convention, which is held in Las Vegas, has become the launch pad for new gun designs, and it offers an opportunity to track the trends in the firearms market. The toughest part of writing this article was winnowing down the list of cool new guns to just these favorites. But the guns that are shown here represent some fantastic new designs and cover a lot of disciplines. Here’s a look at several gamechanging long guns for 2016. RUGER AMERICAN MAGNUM Ruger’s American Rifle has been an unequivocal success in the highly competitive field of budget-priced bolt-action centerfire rifles. The only problem…

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new ars and parts

As manufacturers push the limits on design to create highly functional rifles and carbines that are unrelentingly reliable, we shooters reap the benefits. New rifles in a variety of calibers and setups offer the best of personal protection, plinking, competition and hunting. Kit up your existing AR with a number of accessories that enhance the AR experience, as opposed to complicating it. Life is too short to own just one AR. MEGA ARMS The SF-MATEN (MSRP: $2,500) is a new, small-frame .308 rifle that features completely redesigned upper and lower receivers, bolt carrier group and barrel. It weighs just 7.2 pounds. Lightening cuts in the upper receiver receive some weight, making this rifle a lightweight in name only. It comes optic ready. ( COLT The AR bloodline runs through Colt’s ARs, and the new…

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2016 new shooting accessories

Any shooter can certainly get by with a gun and a handful of ammo, but what fun is that? Besides, it takes more than a rifle and a box of bullets to have a productive, fulfilling day at the range. You need stuff, lots of stuff. Whether it’s a new storage system, some new cleaning supplies or something to make your range time a little easier or a little more productive, there’s a whole host of new products on the market this year. Here’s a look at several of the best new products. 1 BRASS MAGNET Tired of picking up empties one at a time? Reloaders (and those who don’t like leaving brass on the ground) rejoice! Brass Magnet’s 100x144 inch nylon mesh blanket spreads out over a large enough area to catch…