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Habitus Habitus #40 - Nourish

What does it mean to live in design? With three issues published each year, Habitus is a publication that has been passionately unpacking design from the inside-out and outside-in for more than ten years. Habitus explores how architecture and design express various ways of life, going beyond one-dimensional stories to gain a real understanding of how people live. Through rich narratives, Habitus unpacks what makes design and architecture from the Indo-Pacific so unique. From outstanding houses, to in-depth profiles and a curation of the latest design products – everything featured in Habitus offers a way for readers to connect with the richness and diversity across the region.

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the first word

What is the most important room of the house – the kitchen or bathroom? It’s a question over which I mused in preparation for this issue of Habitus. It’s a question that I took to our contributors, too. But the correct answer is that there is no correct answer; both are equally important. Together they nourish us in their respective – and complementary – ways. That’s why we’ve chosen to call the Habitus Kitchen & Bathroom Special the Nourish issue. Within the kitchen we store, prepare and cook the food that will nourish our bodies. But the kitchen has evolved past a space simply built to function. A modern kitchen is also a space in which we eat, relax, gather and entertain. The architect, interior and industrial designer each play their part…

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“the heart and soul of residential design”

At its core, Habitus is dedicated to the support and advocacy of regional architecture and design, and those who express themselves through it.Founder, Indesign Media Raj Nandan Our interest and curiosity in beautifully designed homes remains as strong as ever, which is why this years Kitchens & Bathrooms issue features a delicious mix of outstanding projects, topical themes and inspiring ideas. I’m happy to contribute a series of articles offering insight into the way designers and architects approach the heart and soul of residential design to ensure comfort and functionality are always prioritised. The Light Idea looks at the importance of flexibility in kitchen lighting and the current trend for well-designed fittings that make a statement without being obtrusive. While Hidden Technologies investigates the need for finishes and surfaces that are just…

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habitus takes the conversation to our contributors discovering their inspiration and design hunter® journeys

ALEESHA CALLAHAN EVERYTHING AND ITS PLACE #82 Aleesha Callahan is the editor of Indesignlive, where her passion for design and digital comes together. Following studies in interior design, she discovered architectural history and writing. While she certainly appreciates the entertaining capabilities of the kitchen – “I recently acquired a vintage drinks trolley, to extend the kitchen and display an array of beautiful glassware” – it’s the restorative and self-pampering nature of the bathroom that holds her heart. ANNIE REID UNLOCKING THE LAYERS #178 Annie Reid is a freelance writer with a special interest in architecture and design. Residing in Bayside, Melbourne, and currently undergoing a renovation, her approach to residential design is one championed by purpose and simplicity. “I think about using every space in my house with purpose, creating more with less, and curating…

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refined luxury

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when the past informs the future

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room by room