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Habitus Habitus #41 - Regional Excellence

What does it mean to live in design? With three issues published each year, Habitus is a publication that has been passionately unpacking design from the inside-out and outside-in for more than ten years. Habitus explores how architecture and design express various ways of life, going beyond one-dimensional stories to gain a real understanding of how people live. Through rich narratives, Habitus unpacks what makes design and architecture from the Indo-Pacific so unique. From outstanding houses, to in-depth profiles and a curation of the latest design products – everything featured in Habitus offers a way for readers to connect with the richness and diversity across the region.

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the first word

Happy anniversary, dear reader Welcome to our 10th anniversary issue of Habitus. For me, Habitus has been unwavering in its mission: to seek out the best architecture and design from our Region, the Indo-Pacific, and show how it both serves and expresses the way of life of the people who live there. Each issue has been a snapshot or moment in time capturing the state of the industry: the ideas that compel us, the issues we face, the innovation that thrusts us forward, and the success that motivates us. One could easily chart the movements of our design community using issues 1-41 as timestamps. So, for this very special issue, the team is proud to present our 2018 Habitus House of the Year selection. Carefully curated at the hands of myself and founding…

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welcome to this special issue of habitus – and thankyou for joining us in celebrating our tenth anniversary.

When we launched a decade ago, the instant success of Habitus – reflected in the extraordinary and sustained sales figures – confirmed our belief that we were offering a unique product. This would be a magazine like no other magazine in the world. Sounds a bit boastful, I know – but true. Firstly, Habitus brought together the best residential architecture and design from the Asia-Pacific (these days the Indo-Pacific) incorporating South-East Asia, South Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Much of this work was unpublished and so its excellence unappreciated. Secondly, we prioritised way of life over lifestyle. The aim was to show how people lived on a daily basis and how outstanding local design and products sustained that way of life. And talking of sustainability, the new wave of architects and designers Habitus…

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habitus takes the conversation to our contributors discovering their inspiration and design hunter® journeys

ANDREA STEVENS MUTED COLOUR #66 Seasoned design writer Andrea Stevens has been bringing over ten years of real world architectural expertise to the pages of Habitus since issue one. Reflecting on our unique position in the Asia Pacific Region, Andrea sees our design culture as one where different ideas developed in different climates are brought together. A design language defined by lightness, “a slightly frail and temporary kind of architecture,” she notes. DEREK SWALWELL HAND CRAFTED #100 Derek Swalwell is one of Australia’s best-known and most respected architecture and interiors photographers. Through his years of experience he has fully traversed Australia and the Asia Pacific, documenting unique and beautiful in design in our Region. As for what he’s come to love, “It’s the mix of practices and styles; differing flavours of design. Australian designers are…

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materials matter

The INDUSTRY COLLECTION by Neri&Hu is a new utilitarian-inspired chair series with simple, clean lines. Comfortable and modern, the collection comprises a dining chair, dining armchair, and lounge chair. stellarworks.com Launched as a part of Sight Unseen’s OFFSITE exhibition during New York Design Week 2018, the unique EXHALE THE VOID lamp from Addition Studio is composed of pieces carved from solid travertine. The custom made pieces slide together and can rotate along the arc of the semi circle, so the user can direct light to suit their mood. additionstudio.com The unassumingly simple design of the BENT chairs give a powerful impression in any setting – indoors or out. Consisting of a dining chair, lounge chair and a side table in black, white, mint or blush, the collection is available finished with a wool felt…

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creating sensation

A Sydney apartment housed in the Art Deco Franconia Building needed a unique flooring solution to maintain the renovated space’s sense of elegance and taste. Precision Flooring’s PENZA engineered flooring, with its natural and aged oak-coloured grains in mid-brown tones, delightfully offsets the apartment’s more contemporary aspects. This helps provide a sense of visual and historic harmony for the home. Made from high quality, solid recycled oak, the flooring is as welcoming and warm as it is reliable. Photography by Tom Ferguson precisionflooring.com.au The new 61 centimetre indoor/outdoor refrigerator drawers from Sub-Zero Wolf are sized to work in multiple small space settings. No matter if you’re dining indoors or al fresco, the advanced features keep your food fresher longer and make your experience more delicious. au.subzero-wolf.com Designed by Ross Gardam and available through StylecraftHOME,…

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hunters and gatherers

The SAMPAN collection from apaiser, entrenched in the local history of Singapore, combines functionality with elegance. It is a symphony of clean lines and geometry, adorned with subtle detail – such as infinity overflow, polished and textural surfaces and elements driven by usability and comfort. The result is architectural in its simplicity and yet the dynamic shapes create a sense of the theatrical. The collection features double and single baths and basins, as well as a creative shower bath design. apaiser.com Designed by renowned mid-20th century designer Svend Aage Holm-Sørensen, the recently discovered BEAK BIRDS are charming teak birds with personality, the teak design will change and age with time, creating a unique and lasting impression. warmnordic.com Iittala highlights the versatility of its glass colour library with the launch of AQUA, a delicate, yet…