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Habitus Habitus #48 - Nourish Kitchen & Bathroom

What does it mean to live in design? With three issues published each year, Habitus is a publication that has been passionately unpacking design from the inside-out and outside-in for more than ten years. Habitus explores how architecture and design express various ways of life, going beyond one-dimensional stories to gain a real understanding of how people live. Through rich narratives, Habitus unpacks what makes design and architecture from the Indo-Pacific so unique. From outstanding houses, to in-depth profiles and a curation of the latest design products – everything featured in Habitus offers a way for readers to connect with the richness and diversity across the region.

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OUR SANCTUARY As we send the annual Kitchen & Bathroom special edition off to print, the world is now a very different place to what it was when we began putting it together. And while humanity has always moved at a rapid pace, it certainly feels like the past six months have seen this accelerate even further. So perhaps it is now more than ever that we retreat to the sanctuaries that are our homes. We look to architects and architecture to provide spaces that protect us from the elements, keep us safe, and promote our wellbeing. We look to designers of technology, furniture and appliances to keep us connected, comfortable and healthy. At Habitus, we often liken the kitchen and bathroom to places of nourishment on both a physical and emotional level.…

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habitus takes the conversation to our contributors discovering their inspiration and design hunter® journeys

ELANA CASTLE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE #82 Elana is an architect, photographer and design writer based in New York City. Her work is regularly featured in a range of Australian and global titles. She is also an incurable traveller, constantly on the lookout for emerging trends and untapped travel destinations. Living in tight quarters in NYC, Elana says that her favourite space in her home would have to be the living room, “which is also a home office, kids playroom, and TV room”. Looking forward to the design of kitchen and bathroom spaces in the decade ahead, Elana believes that the integration of technology will only become more pronounced as time goes on. “Hopefully kitchens will revert to being more personalised, but the sleek, minimalist style seems destined to stay,” she muses. KATHERINE LU A COMPLEMENT…

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