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Harper's Bazaar February 2021

Every issue of Harper's Bazaar speaks to the varied interests of the discerning contemporary woman who seeks the best for her home, career and lifestyle.

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editor’s letter

In early September, I had a conversation with my seven-year-old son where I was trying to explain the importance of wearing a mask. “You do it to keep yourself safe,” I told him, “but also to keep your friends at school and in the park safe.” In some ways, it was an introduction to the essence of community. The idea of community is one that my team and I have been thinking a lot about lately: What does community look like now, when we’ve had to isolate from one another for so many months in order to keep everyone safe? And how do we create and foster community despite that physical separation? We decided to dedicate this issue to the concept of community, which we explore through a variety of lenses,…

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12th“KAWS: WHAT PARTY” The Brooklyn Museum plays host to the first major New York survey of KAWS’s 25-year career, chronicling his rise from provocative street artist to art-world heavyweight. A selection of drawings, pop-culture-inspired paintings (Elmo and Sponge-Bob SquarePants star), furniture, augmented reality works, graffiti, and covetable collectibles will all be on display. The show will also feature several large-scale sculptures of KAWS’s trademark Companion character. KAWS’s AT THIS TIME, 2013 12thMINARI Set in the 1980s, writer-director Lee Isaac Chung’s Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize–winning drama tells the story of a Korean American family whose resilience is tested when they move to a remote Arkansas farm in pursuit of the American dream. 26thCHERRY In this crime drama from directors Anthony and Joe Russo, Tom Holland plays an Army medic suffering from PTSD who returns home…

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RYAN McGINLEY PHOTOGRAPHER “The Arrival of Awkwafina,” page 90 “The intersection where the queer community meets skateboarding culture. I’ve been documenting these two beautiful communities in New York City over the past two decades, and I continue to serve them daily.” E. ALEX JUNG WRITER “The Arrival of Awkwafina,” page 90 “What I remember most acutely is hitting tennis balls on a clay court, orange dirt caked on my socks, and the Han River glinting on the horizon. I’m in Seoul with a gay men’s tennis group and feel a peculiar mix of adrenaline, joy, and freedom.” JENNY ZHANG WRITER “To Sustain a World,” page 126 “Until recently, I thought the only way to be part of a community was to erase parts of myself. What joy it has been to be seen and held through the bonds of friendship, where…

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king princess

At 22, King Princess, née Mikaela Straus, has quickly established herself as a singular pop savant thanks to her raw, emotional anthems about queer love that transcend genre and audience. When asked to curate a playlist around this issue’s theme of community, she noted, “I don’t feel I exist in one specific community. Whether you’re gay or straight, regardless of who you are, we can all get down to certain songs, and we can all see the beauty in certain things. That’s really what this playlist is about—friendship and not needing to be the same to be united.” Along with electropop legend Róisín Murphy’s dance track “Murphy’s Law,” King Princess included T. Rex’s “Cosmic Dancer,” about “a character who can’t do anything but be himself”; Florence + the Machine’s “Grace,”…

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the good buy comme des garçons aoyama bag

I ALWAYS THINK I dress like a scarecrow. My clothes are either kind of patchy or mismatched or oversize or like a puppet’s. The first designer I ever wore was Betsey Johnson, but my favorite brand now is Comme des Garçons. It’s my go-to. I’ve never been a handbag person or spent a lot on bags, but I bought my first Comme bag in New York 10 years ago. It just spoke to me. I liked all the zippers and the handle on it, and that you could dress it up or down. I also liked the size of it: It wasn’t too big, but it had nice deep compartments. I don’t know how girls do it when they get all dressed up for the Emmys and they have these tiny,…

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the trench

While iconic pop culture moments have romanticized the trench—think Catherine Deneuve in The Umbrellas of Cherbourg and the cover of Françoise Hardy’s 1965 EP Le Temps des Souvenirs—the coat’s origins were considerably less glamorous. Inspired by the smocks worn by English shepherds, in 1879 Thomas Burberry invented gabardine, a waterproof twill that was later worn by Sir Ernest Shackleton and his crew on their famous expeditions to Antarctica. The advent of trench warfare during World War I forced soldiers to fight from cramped ditches that exposed them to the elements. Enter the trench coat. Rendered in khaki to blend in with the natural surroundings, it boasted a breathable, lightweight, and weatherproof design. And thanks to the rise of sportswear, it became popular off the battlefield as well. For spring, Louis…