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Her World Singapore

July 2021

Her World is Singapore's Number 1 women's magazine. It caters to the stylish achiever and is the authority on fashion, beauty and lifestyle trends. It offers empowering reads on women's issues, and covers them with depth and style. There are in-depth features, interviews and provocative reads on issues that matter to the modern woman

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a mix of pretty & outdoorsy

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the case for body neutrality

I believe I’m speaking for most women when I say that there have been times when we’ve been less than satisfied with our appearances. When the concept of body positivity started gaining popularity 10 years ago, it challenged the unrealistic standards of feminine beauty. Women were encouraged to think positive, and embrace and love their bodies as they are. While it’s a great movement to motivate us to accept our bodies, flaws and all, it’s easier said than done for many of us. The focus is still on our appearances, and to forcibly accept what we don’t love can be a tall order. This is why at Her World, we want to talk about body neutrality while embracing body positivity. The former is about focusing on what your body can do for…

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hw endorses: shades of neutral & oversized

Here’s a fun fashion hypothesis: What would Phoebe Philo wear? Modern, worldly and always one step ahead, the iconic designer may have left industry years ago, yet her legacy lives on. The “oversized outfit in shades of neutral” trend can be traced back to Philo’s heyday, and it’s never waned since, becoming the epitome of smart dressing. And the women who embrace it usually belong to the uber fashionable crowd who are anti-trend. Sounds ironic? Let’s put it this way: As seasons come and go, investing in a good sand-coloured blazer with extended sleeves or a pair of floor-grazing roomy pants makes perfect sense, because they withstand the test of time. In short, they are always on trend. The key to nailing the look is understanding shades, fabrics and fit. Go for neutrals…

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statement shirts for every occasion

CLASSIC WHITE WITH A TWIST Never underestimate the power of this wardrobe staple, especially when it comes with interesting details like sequins and lace or an edgy cut. FANCY FROM THE WAIST UP A bold patterned shirt can anchor an entire outfit. There’s just one rule: Always pair it with tailored shorts or jeans to elevate the look. A word of warning though, it’s not for the faint of heart. KEEPING IT NEUTRAL You can’t go wrong with shirts in “safe” neutral shades, and a blue-beige colour combo works surprising well, no matter the shade of blue. Opt for details like thin stripes or double cuffs for a masculine edge that looks more polished.…

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a green philosophy

Born in the Bronx and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, Folake Kuye Huntoon has always had a strong interest in fashion. “Since I was little, I knew that I wanted to do something in fashion, whether it was creating or styling. I’ve always enjoyed pairing unlikely pieces and colours,” says the 44-year-old. Folake started posting daily #ootds on her blog Style Pantry over a decade ago. Since then, she has amassed over 640,000 followers on Instagram and had several fashion partnerships, but there’s one thing she holds dearer to her heart than anything else: her namesake brand FKSP (Folake Kuye Style Pantry). Launched in 2017, FKSP is known for its sustainable philosophy to avoid wastefulness and minimise its carbon footprint, even if it means higher production costs. The brand produces all its…

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an all-inclusive attitude

Growing up in Taiwan, style adviser Amanda Lee’s highlight of the month was going to the 7-Eleven store to grab the latest copies of Vivi, Mina and Vogue, before rushing back to the school dorm to indulge in stories and fashion spreads. “Magazines, and now social media, are definitely a big way of shaping a girl’s beauty aesthetic. That’s why I celebrate people of all kinds, no matter their race, shape or sexuality. Being able to see yourself in and identify with characters in the media is so important,” she says. “Being the fat kid, I always felt different growing up. I was picked on and called names. Did it hurt? Of course. Did it stop me from feeling pretty? Absolutely not. I changed my focus to fashion, and that allowed me…