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Her World Singapore January 2019

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better human

We’ve all been there, making those hasty, half-hearted resolutions simply because it’s a new year and we just kinda need something to propel us through another 12 months. But this whole “New Year’s resolution” thing is a conceit, meaningless if you’re trying to achieve anything of note. (How’s that gym membership coming along?) We’re proposing a more holistic approach to dealing with 2019, where you eschew convenience; avoid the comfort zone; get real with your dreams; dial down the happiness index; adopt a more mindful approach to makeup (stop preening just for the ’gram); be free of trends, social media and celebs; and instead, simply attempt to become a better human being, first for yourself, then by extension, to others. So whether it’s about a more practical approach to beauty, buying less…

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from christian dior – and the stuff that went into it

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the born-again label: bottega veneta

When a brand has a new creative head now, the outcome usually goes one of three ways: the opposite of what his/her predecessor did; revisiting the label’s history to educate a potential younger audience who may not know much of it; or bringing sensibilities from the last brand that the designer worked at. Lee, plucked from Celine after working with Phoebe Philo for five years, has opted for all three ways for his Bottega Veneta debut. His capsule of womenswear, menswear and leather goods in a neutral palette says slow fashion is better than fast, timeless and pared-down are always elegant, and it’s very okay to offer practical solutions.…

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the chair redefining the sitting game

Where office chairs are concerned, spinal support, high-tech (instead of luxe) upholstery and a sturdy headrest seem to cover all you need. But Japanese furniture firm Kokuyo – which has more than 100 years of office furniture production experience – has now taken the throne with its Ing chair by adding a whole new category: movement accommodation. As its name suggests, the chair is always moving (geddit?). It adjusts to the user’s natural sitting position – while helping to encourage good sitting posture – with a 360-degree gliding mechanism under the seat that allows the chair to shift when we make subtle movements (think: sitting on a yoga ball). The seat then readjusts to how we sit, providing an even distribution of weight to our core and back, so there won’t…

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the breakout star of s/s ’19: plan c

Castiglioni – Carolina the daughter, not Consuelo the mum – isn’t new to designing. Before Marni’s sale to Renzo Rosso’s holding company OTB, she was the Italian brand’s director for special projects. One of them: a flower market-themed installation that toured the world for the brand’s 12th anniversary. Plan C isn’t a Marni wannabe, though there are similarities in the colour blocking and clashes, the adoration for prints, the clunky wooden clogs, and a certain dolce vita. Designed “to be worn season after season”, the label comes into its own with its relaxed character: feel-good, slouchy, oversized pieces (sweatshirts, parkas, bombers, tailored pants and full skirts) are thrown on or layered with shirts and knits. To cater to a wider group of women of different sizes and ages, the younger Castiglioni also…

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the eco-resorts for hands-on ecotourism

Wildlife protection and conservation needs immense resources and effort. To save Thailand’s street-performing elephants from abuse, neglect or abandonment, hospitality brand Anantara created the Golden Triangle Elephant Camp and Resort in Chiang Rai, a natural sanctuary nestled where Thailand, Myanmar and Laos converge, for 20 rescues. As a guest, you will help the staff, mahouts and head elephant veterinarian Dr Nissa Mututanont care for the elephants. Ditto at Kwandwe Private Game Reserve in South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province, where guests get hands-on experience by darting, notching and DNAsampling highly endangered black and white rhinos for next-level insight on why it’s important to protect these animals, and what help is needed. When you go on a Small Group Journey with &Beyond Oceans Without Borders, you leave the sea at Vamizi Island, Mozambique, a…