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Her World Singapore February 2019

Her World is Singapore's Number 1 women's magazine. It caters to the stylish achiever and is the authority on fashion, beauty and lifestyle trends. It offers empowering reads on women's issues, and covers them with depth and style. There are in-depth features, interviews and provocative reads on issues that matter to the modern woman

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finding love

In this era of meet-up and dating apps, polyamory, AI and robots, the idea of soulmates and finding the one seems almost quaint. So, too, the idea of agony aunts. Where should a modern woman go for love advice? Podcasts – bite-sized, intimate and on call when you want them – are 21st-century perfect: a stranger speaking to you through your headphones or car speakers, your personal guide in the area of love in all its guises. The ones we’ve curated about love and relationships work for any stage of your love life, whether you simply want to expand your dating prospects or you’re, yes, looking for your soulmate. And when you’ve found what (or who) you’re looking for, we have the lipsticks that last through caviar, champagne and kissing to use,…

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from marc jacobs – and the stuff that went into it

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the latest way to book your private island getaway

There’s a 108-year-old cabin on Strand Island, Minnesota, which looks like it did 108 years ago. There’s also Belize’s Gladden Private Island – for the modernists. And there’s serious birdwatching on Canada’s East Island. For every unique property we want to stay at, Homeaway curates the experience – from selecting the location of our “home” based on the activities we want (rock climbing, horse riding or snowboarding excursions) to including preferences for amenities. Want to live in a low-allergen environment? No problem. Want a home with a lift for an elderly person? Sure thing. Want to live inavillage for an Eat Pray Love experience? Check. Your holiday experience is about to get more comfortable (or uncomfortable, if you want).…

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the most desirable global travel specialist: the north face

The West clan (Kim and Kanye) wears its puffers and windbreakers for fun. Supreme and Vetements are fans, too. So is Japanese brand Hyke (say hike), which has collaborated with it not once, not twice, but thrice (for two seasons in 2018, and now S/S ’19). So why The North Face? With thrill-seeking experiences in such demand, truly functional (not trend-led) wear is increasingly celebrated. Couple that with a fashion eye – Hyke, in this case – and The North Face’s parkas, ponchos and raincoats are no longer just useful, they’re chic.…

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the timeless, durable sneaker made the old-school way

Simon See and Roger Pereira, the founders of this East London label, were inspired by the genreless and vulcanised classic sneaker when they came up with the Dellow. But to set it apart from its many competitors, they rethought it to make their version much, much better. Unlike many things made today, things of the past were made to last. Like military boots in the ’60s. Using the same method for making such boots, the Dellow is assembled using Strobel construction – the midsole is sewn to the upper for comfort and flexibility before being glued over a vulcanised rubber outsole that has been preheated to shrink tightly over the upper when the former cools down. A glued-together factory production it is not. When the glue dries, the shoe goes through three…

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the universal red for asian skin

Many beauty brands claim to have created a universal red lipstick. But they are not Shu Uemura, whose focus is on Asian skin. To create Rouge Unlimited RD163, the Japanese cosmetics company studied the skin tones of 3,000 women across Asia. It already knew that Asians have more yellow undertones. But it also discovered that the spectrum of undertones runs the gamut from peach to purple to olive. Because of that, a universal Asian red needs to have more yellow pigments and less blue. On fair skin, the RD163 looks slightly orangey. On medium skin, it looks a little pinker. And on darker, richer complexions, which have much warmer undertones, the shade counters sallowness.…