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Her World is Singapore's Number 1 women's magazine. It caters to the stylish achiever and is the authority on fashion, beauty and lifestyle trends. It offers empowering reads on women's issues, and covers them with depth and style. There are in-depth features, interviews and provocative reads on issues that matter to the modern woman

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what is “best dressed” now?

In our increasingly hype-driven and hyper era, being best dressed generally means a celeb/influencer wearing the latest or coolest look/label/ thing – regardless of whether the celeb/influencer really looks “best dressed” in that look/label/thing. At HW this month, instead of highlighting the season’s big trends – a tradition with most women’s monthlies – we decided to take a few steps back to rethink what being best dressed should be. That took us back to the ’90s to early ’00s, when fashion was much, much slower, yet way more purposeful; when mileage trumped five-minute fame (though the latter wasn’t as prevalent as it is now). It was when we dressed to feel and look our best instead of dressing in the next big thing to be best dressed. It was a simpler time. Our…

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from salvatore ferragamo – and the stuff that went into it

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the debut of deveaux’s first women’s line

When Andrea Tsao (previously a Gap menswear designer) and her partner Matthew Breen (an ex-fashion buyer) launched menswear label Deveaux (say duh-vo) in late 2016, their problem wasn’t securing customers and retailers. Men were quickly on board with their luxe take on basics, and so were retailers like Opening Ceremony, Totokaelo and United Arrows. The problem was how to keep up with the growing numbers of women fans requesting alterations for the Deveaux men’s pieces they’d bought. So in late 2018, they brought in street-style photographer Tommy Ton as the brand’s artistic director (and campaign lensman). One year later, Deveaux’s first womenswear collection – slouchy trousers, boxy jackets, tailored cotton shirts – is part “Philophile” and part Deveaux men’s line. “I’ve been an observer for a long time, and I definitely have the…

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the smart spa

Even before #10yearchallenge, Porcelain, The Face Spa was already thinking of challenging itself, doing things a lot differently with its latest outlet at Paragon, Porcelain Origins. How different will different be? How about keeping human interaction to when it’s truly required? This may sound, um… a tad impersonal for a spa – a place we go to get pampered by another person; a space for, well, the personal touch. Porcelain Origins isn’t shortchanging us in either area. What it has eliminated from the traditional spa experience is human assistance for all the stuff that its self-service smartphone app can do – from taking appointments and knowing customers’ skin profile details to keeping track of their scheduled treatments and purchase history. (When you need human intervention, the app has a messaging service for…

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the air purifier that kills bad bacteria

Prior to creating Biotica800, Betterair looked for the missing link in current air purifiers. “Existing ones just take air in and kill everything that passes through, whether it’s good or bad for you,” says the Israeli brand’s president, Taly Dery. “This is bad, not just because it kills everything, but also because it’s passive – it only kills what’s in the air, not what’s on the surface of things that breed bad air.” What Dery is referring to is bad bacteria, which thrives on allergens like dust mites, dead skin cells, pet dander and pollen – the same stuff that good bacteria likes, and that people with allergies, asthma and weak immune systems don’t. So, Betterair took the opposite approach to conventional air cleaning: by adding award-winning, patented, environmentally-friendly probiotics. “By releasing these into…