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Her World Singapore April 2020

Her World is Singapore's Number 1 women's magazine. It caters to the stylish achiever and is the authority on fashion, beauty and lifestyle trends. It offers empowering reads on women's issues, and covers them with depth and style. There are in-depth features, interviews and provocative reads on issues that matter to the modern woman

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“we are our future”

As we get older, progress in our careers and rack up experiences and accolades, we sometimes find ourselves saying, “Wow, and we thought we knew everything at 21.” And while the comment indicates growth in our lives, it also means we run the risk of having ageist thoughts that assume we can’t learn much from the young. It’s a belief I don’t subscribe to. Nearly half of the Her World team is under 25 and I’ve learnt much from them, whether it’s the newest social terminologies or their personal progressive perspectives on life that provide much food for thought. In our Youth Special (from page 56), Singapore’s young showcase their individualistic fashion styles, give us the low-down on their secret beauty haunts, and share their opinions on issues such as peer pressure,…

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from michael michael kors – and the stuff that went into it

Dior Addict Stellar Halo Shine in #667 Pink Star, $52…

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it all starts with a link

High-achieving women need to work smarter, not harder. Introducingournew Her World LinkedIn community, a super digital shortcut that helps you make headway in your career. This new social media hub understands that the empowered woman wants meaningful connections, a network of support, and rich content to power her work life. With this empowering resource, you can stay on top of career-related trends, reach out to mentors, learn best practices from and network with other high-achieving women, integrate (or balance) your work and life, or just be inspired by our women-focused videos. Come connect with us on LinkedIn!…

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hw endorses: the backless number

Designers are putting the focus on the back with cool, edgy details. While the front is kept understated, the back is accentuated with interesting accents, as exemplified by Bottega Veneta’s diagonal slit dress, Hermes’ sleek cross-back shell apron-top hybrid with metal fasteners, and Alexander McQueen’s open-back blazer. High-street labels have followed suit, with Zara offering a back-cut-out turtleneck top for $45.90. Versatile and easy to carry off, nothing says “business in the front and party at the back” better than this.…

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the statement short suit

The cooler alternative to traditional pantsuits, and ideal for our tropical climate. Opt for classic materials like linen or tweed for added sophistication.…

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k-fashion 2.0

There’s a common misconception that K-pop is the driving factor behind the “South Korean” look. In reality, the essence of K-style goes beyond music influence. Instead, it’s really about sleek, sophisticated clothes, championed by contemporary South Korean designers. To understand this, one just has to look at the dress code of the Parks in Parasite (2019), Bong Joonho’s hit film and the first Asian movie to win Best Picture in the 92-year history of the Academy Awards. And this is exactly what these five fashion creatives are offering: a myriad of easy, elegant apparel and accessories for the modern, working woman. Here’s what you should know about their brands. LE 17 SEPTEMBRE unisex sleek minimal WHAT: Le 17 Septembre, founded by Grace Shin, 37, in 2013. The Seoul-based ready-to-wear label is named after her…