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Her World Singapore May 2020

Her World is Singapore's Number 1 women's magazine. It caters to the stylish achiever and is the authority on fashion, beauty and lifestyle trends. It offers empowering reads on women's issues, and covers them with depth and style. There are in-depth features, interviews and provocative reads on issues that matter to the modern woman

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the world as we know it has changed

The cause of the current global chaos may be invisible, but the effect it has on everyone is not just evident in our daily lives now, it’s also deeply felt in our moods. Around the world, healthcare providers are fighting fearlessly on the front line, while essential service workers are working more tirelessly than ever to ensure that life carries on as normally as possible. In our own little way, we hope to contribute through conversations and positive messages with our new #HerWorldWithYou initiative. In this issue, you’ll find our Thrive package to help put your time indoors to good use, from self-improvement lessons you can master in 60 seconds/minutes/hours (page 102) to different ways to achieve inner calm through mindfulness apps and more (page 110). Plus, we’ve got you covered with…

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it all starts with a link

High-achieving women need to work smarter, not harder. Introducing our new Her World LinkedIn community, a super digital shortcut that helps you make headway in your career. This new social media hub understands that the empowered woman wants meaningful connections, a network of support, and rich content to power her work life. With this empowering resource, you can stay on top of career-related trends, reach out to mentors, learn best practices from and network with other high-achieving women, integrate (or balance) your work and life, or just be inspired by our women-focused videos. Come connect with us on LinkedIn!…

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the stuff that went into our cover

The accessories to go with it…

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hw endorses: the blazer

Suiting’s been around for the past few seasons, and designers are not getting tired of it – frankly, neither are we. The tailored set is here to stay for 2020, and it’s now more feminine, less borrowed from the boys. And the mainstay of the suit is undoubtedly the blazer. It’s smart, it’s chic, and the right cut or style will definitely give you a confidence boost in the boardroom. We recommend one in light silk, linen or crisp cotton that emphasises the waist, with eye-catching buttons on the sleeves to inject that element of fun. And don’t forget to play with tonal and textural contrasts. Whether it’s paired with a feminine skirt suit or a slouchy pantsuit, it’s all about you-do-you tailoring now WITH A SKIRT Move away from masculine power suits…

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the anatomy of a blazer

SHOULDERS One of the key factors that affects a blazer’s gravitas. A broader shoulder-padded one can help you appear more confident (and fashionable), while a lightly padded one that fits neatly at your shoulders looks more sleek and sophisticated. SLEEVE If you want to look formal, the correct sleeve length should end right above the top of your wrist bone. STYLE The two most common styles: double-breasted (seen here) and single-breasted. The former is more refined and should be reserved for important events, while the latter has a slight casual twist and is good for your everyday workwear or to spice up a casual T-shirt + jeans combo on the weekends. TOP COLLAR It should always fit snugly behind your neck, no matter how formal or casual your blazer is. LAPEL This determines the…

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what to consider when getting a bespoke blazer

1. The purpose “Always decide the purpose of the suit. Is it going to be for daily wear or as a statement piece? That will help us to decide which direction to work towards in terms of the design,” says Sheryl Yeo, 28, founder and director of 3Eighth, a local customisable brand that’s been adapting elements of menswear tailoring for women since 2018. 2. The details “Every blazer may look similar, but it’s these little touches, like the width of the lapels, that make each piece unique and different,” says Yeo. “It can also add colour and texture, for instance, a velvet lapel in a contrasting hue.” 3. The fabric weight “This determines how your blazer drapes and falls on your body. For instance, heavier tweeds give you a more formal look as they drape…