Hi-Fi Choice January 2020

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www.hifichoicemag.com With a rapidly expanding music collection, I recently took the plunge and subscribed to Roon’s playback software to integrate and manage my home networked library with subscription streaming services Tidal and Qobuz. It’s been something of a revelation in my household, having everything available in a seamless library with a compelling user experience while the recommended further listening suggestions only broadens the appeal. Launched in 2015, Roon has grown to become the must-have certification on any new network audio component, and the latest update takes its music management algorithm software even further by learning about our personal tastes and comparing them with 100,000 other Roon listeners to make more individually tailored suggestions in its latest 1.7 Valence update. This looks set to enhance my musical journey, and I look forward…

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return of michi

DESCRIBED AS BEING the result of “three years of painstaking development,” it’s claimed that every component in Rotel’s re-introduced Michi amplifier range has been specially selected following extensive listening by its dedicated team of engineers. From the in-house manufactured, custom over-sized toroidal transformers mounted in dedicated epoxy-filled enclosures (to limit noise and vibration) to its high-efficiency, slit-foil, bulk storage capacitors that support up to 32 high-current output transistors, nothing has been left to chance as each Michi component has been individually crafted and tested to ensure it reaches the exacting, expected standards of excellence. Delivering a claimed 500W per channel (into 8ohm), the £5,400 dual monoblock Michi S5 stereo power amplifier utilises the aforementioned 2,200VA twin-matched toroidal transformers to deliver what Rotel describes as “exceptional bass energy” while maintaining “control and…

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chord electronics huei

WHAT BETTER WAY to mark 30 years of amplifier development than introducing a new phono preamp that distills three decades of knowledge into one space-saving unit? At least, that’s Chord Electronics’ intention with Huei. Offering both moving-magnet and moving-coil compatibility, Huei boasts comprehensive gain and impedance-matching options via its high and low-gain switching settings on the front panel. For the first time for Chord, it also incorporates ultra-low-noise microprocessor control of its main features, including a convenient memory function. With multiple options for impedance-matching, seven-stage switchable gain and a switchable rumble filter, it shares a similar chassis design to the company’s Qutest DAC (HFC 436) including illuminated spheres to indicate its status and a top-mounted viewing window. Connectivity includes both unbalanced (RCA) and balanced outputs (XLR) with inputs on RCA, and…

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vertere adds redline

• Designed to allow the listener to feel the full impact of real musicians in their listening room, Vertere says that its new Redline cable range is double shielded with an outer screen braid and conductive foil to minimise noise. With seven independent high-purity copper conductors of different thicknesses and plating surrounded by low-dialectic constant FEP, all six signal conductors are silver plated while the ground is tin plated. Prices start at £595 for a 1m interconnect or 3m pair of speaker cables, while longer lengths cost £130 per extra 0.5m. VERTEREACOUSTICS.COM…

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allegri reference preamp

Claimed to set a new standard in volume control performance, thanks to it 129 0.5dB steps, reed relay switched auto-transformer volume control, Townshend Audio has unleashed its new Allegri Reference preamplifier. The microprocessor-controlled, passive preamp is internally wired with point-to-point Fractal-Wire throughout (chosen for its claimed accurate, uncoloured and open sound) and suspended on distinctive anodised aluminium Seismic Isolation legs to minimise interference. Building on the positive work of Townshend’s Allegri+, the new Reference accommodates very high source levels and very high sensitivity power amplifiers for refined volume control at very low levels, making it ideal for late-night listening. Connectivity incorporates five pairs of RCA inputs and two pairs of outs (gold plated), two pairs of XLR ins and one out alongside a 3.5mm stereo jack on the front panel. Townshend…

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ascot 2019

FOLLOWING THE MOVE to a new home at Ascot Racecourse, The UK Hi-Fi Show Live ran over the weekend of 26-27 October, hosted by our sister magazine Hi-Fi News & Record Review and AVTech Media. As with previous events held in nearby Windsor, the seventh consecutive show attracted hi-fi enthusiasts from around the UK to the prestigious Grandstand venue to enjoy some of the world’s finest hi-fi brands all under one very spectacular roof. With more than 160 marques to satisfy our audio passion this year’s event saw the highest number of visitors to the annual high-end extravaganza so far, all eager to experience the UK’s largest selection of speciality components installed and presented by the equipment designers and audio experts in pleasantly presented rooms and large sumptuous suites overlooking the…